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Name: Esther-Clove Coleman
Age: 16
Personality: Cold, Sweet, Sophisticated, Kind, Heartbroken
Looks: Long brown hair, Brown eyes, very small amount of freckles, Short for her age
FC: Esther Coleman (Isabelle Fuhrman)
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Hello. My name is Cassandra Padmé Elizabeth Olivia Burr Amidala Weasley Black, I have a very big family; The Burrs, Amidala's, Weasley's, and Black's. I Am very quiet, and cold, I do not enjoy people, and only like, and talk to my friends and the little family that excepts me. It wasn't always like this though, so here is my story; I was born december 5th 2003, to Aaron and Theodosia Burr, we were a happy family. We lived in an alternate world called Contrariorum which meant Opposites in Latin, In the summer the world was a beach, and in winter, it was full of cliffs, and mountains, I loved it there, but then one thing happened that i will never forget; Someone entered our planet, an assassin, It was winter so my family and I were on a cliff, and he came and attacked us saying, "You have something I need!" Over and over again. I heard my Mum's last words: "Cass, Take this and run, but know you are so loved, you are so loved, take this to a safe place and you'll find th-" She never finished her sentence, and from that moment on I knew I was alone, forever. The rest of the winter I hid in trees, and caves. I had gone back to our house, and Taken a bag with few things; Food (Potatoes and honey), little water (Our oceans were fresh water), Flashlight, and my telescope. I had made a tree house, but the assassin found me and i had to leave. 3 years later, People came to help me but I would not let them, all I did was sit on the ship. I was taken to a planet called Naboo, and was raised by the Naberrie family, and took the name Padmé. When I was 11 i received a a letter to Ilvermorny, and was sorted into Horned Serpent, equal to Ravenclaw where I, later, was sorted into, in Hogwarts. I was taken to Hogwarts, because Ilvermorny levels were to low for me. I met Fred Weasley when I first arrived and instantly fell head over heels for him. This was very, very, very uncommon for me. WE started dating right before the battle of Hogwarts started, and well, we did not date for long, because, well you know what happened. I became a Weasley when when Mrs. Weasley found me crying in the girls toilet. I was the odd one out in the Weasley family, Brown hair, No freckles, short, everything a Weasley is not. So, I left them, I kept the name Weasley but travelled to Africa, where I met Nico Black, And we fell in love, I married him, but soon I found out he had been cheating on me, so i left. This is my story, and my life is not over yet, so my story is not quite over. </details> </details>


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Names: Elliot | Blaire | Willow | Sapphire | Chrissie | Harlow | Oakley | Jayda | Ronnie | Dawn

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What the dictionary says about me:

<font color=hotpink> Elliot is going to be one of the nicest people you'll meet, she might be a little jumpy but will calm down as you get to know her. Elliot is one of the best people to start a life with at any time in your life, she is hard-working, courageous, loyal, cute, sexy, and men will fight over her. She will always make the best of your time and love you for no matter what, she is a good companion for any hard times and will be there for you. Elliot will hold grudges for random things but will get over it throughout time. You will never forget an Elliot if you meet one and will never want too.

Blaire is the funniest girl you will ever meet.She wil cheer you up for sure. She is beautiful, even though she doesn't know it. She is very understanding. She has an awesome taste in music. She is the best friend I could ever ask for. If you don't know a Blaire, you have not lived.

She's got a way to make you smile and warms any heart of stone, making it glow like a star on an indigo night. Her humor reaches in and tickles your soul and you find yourself falling completely under her trance. She's curious, smart, wise and has a sixth sense about people. Willow is someone who will be etched in your heart, mind and soul forever.

Sapphie is a person who is easy-going, fun to be with, sexy, capable, daring, sassy, lovable, loves to smile, able to laugh at anything including themselves, loves to joke around and know the value of fun. She is a person who doesn't take life seriously yet can cheer you up anytime. Also a type of person who will try to help those in any way they can.

Most loyal person ever. She's always an ear opener, Chrissie is goofy and always there for her friends. Fun, outgoing, and the life of the party. Usually likes to have long lasting friendships and is very sensitive. She's a great friend to be around.

Though this name is reletivly rare, it has a very beautiful meaning. Harlow is a girlthat has many different, strong emotions. She's unbelieveably happy on the outside, but don't let that distract you from what she is hiding. Harlow's go through a lot of pain during their life, but they don't let anyone see that.

Oakleys usually seem pretty shy but are really crazy and energetic once they get comfortable around you. Oakleys kind are the friend that can be all of the "friend roles" they can be the mom friend or the cool aunt friend or the kid friend that everybody has to look after depending on their mood. Oakley is a really smart person. They are the person that everybody goes to for homework help and good ideas. Oakleys have a bad habit of trying to solve everybody's problems. they can't stand seeing people suffer, especially when they can do something about it. Oakleys are generally pretty good looking, even though they may not dress up every day when they do, they're stunning. Oakleys are actually really dark even though they seem all bubbly and cute on the outside. they're the type of person who sees piles of dead bodies when they close their eyes.

Jayda's are amazing at everything and supper nice, easy going, supportive and a loving sister and daughter. Extremely Cool.

Ronnie is gentle and caring. She will tend to try make everyone happy even if it mean she isn't. She's very supportive and a great friend to have.

The warmest kind of friend one can ever hope to find. Her heart is only worthy of a handful of friends. She will cut you off if you piss her off but if your in her good graces she will make you feel like the most amazing person... Her soul is that of a lady who once lived at court and would prefer to be waited on hand an foot. Dawn is a friend who is selfless , gives all she can and asks for nothing in return.. But if you meet this Dawn consider your self LUCKY .. Keep her close and even if there is distance between you make the effort .. she is worth it...

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Theme song: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zHdFKlle9WM

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Close Friends:
Stel Black
Cho Potter
Chase Potter
Lily Eastwood
Courtney Clearwater
Heartbroken Idiots
Cassandra Amidala-Weasley
Aragog Scamander

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Lio (Ava only)
CARTAHHHHH (Stel only)
Ella (Ask)
Elli (Anyone)
Et (Cho only)
Bubbles (Ezra only)
Alli (Aragog only)
Ell (Courtney only)
Lia (Symphony only)

FC: Olivia Sanabia

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<summary> Ava!</summary>
♡Name : Ava Felicity Chaos Kate Roberts

♡Nicknames : Avy (anyone), Vi (Anyone), Avvy (Cho), Ave (anyone),Robbie (Mione, Yeah makes no sense Tinkerbell (Aragog), Avey (Hazel), Aver (Morga!), Aviva (Lara), V or Vie (Lexi), Microava (Elliot), Waferava (Elliot), Waffles (lio!), Via (Victoire).
[Full list on personal!]

♡Sith Name : Darth Ira (Courtesy of Stel Black)
♡Sexuality : Straight
♡Relationship Status : Taken<3
♡Personality : Kind, Classy, Sassy, and a bit Smart Assy!
♡FC : Amanda Seyfried


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➳Name: Cho Romanoff( Basically a Malfoy)
➳Nicknames: Cho (Everyone), Chops( Ask) , Choi(Ask) , Blossom (Lara Only), Ma'am( only that idiot Aragog) , Chosy (Holly only!!) Ruby(Mione Only) , Boo(Ask), Toots(Ask), Dudi(ask), Buttercup(Aragog,ask), CC(Hazel Only),Chocochip(Ava Only),Cocoa(Angie Only) , Foxy ( I LOVE IT AND FEEL FREE TO ASK) //Suggest meh more!!!!//
➳Age: 13-14
➳Blood Status: Half-Blood
➳House: Slytherin
➳Relationship Status: Taken<3
➳Likes: Books, Singing, Roasting People
➳Dislikes: Rude Ppl
➳Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

FC: Maddison Iseman

<summary>➳Meh Song</summary>
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