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♦ Deutsches Ministerium für Magie ♦
♦ The German Ministry of Magic

Solanine Jackson Hopkirk

Status: Presumed Pureblood
Born: December 23rd, 1978
Birthplace: Essen, Germany

Azkaban Prisoner Identification: 104501193
Wand: Pinewood, Dragon Core. 12 ½", Supple Flexibility
Animagus: [Unreported / Nonexistant]

Father: Damascus James Hopkirk [Pureblood]
Mother: [Unknown Identity - Witch, according to testimony by D. Hopkirk]
Sister: Alice Hopkirk [Born: 16/10/83]
[Presumed Pureblood]
Sister: Charlotte Hopkirk [Born: 13/12/95]
[Presumed Pureblood]
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Skintone: Fair
Height: 170 cm / 5'7"
Weight: 135 lbs
Eyes: Goldenrod Yellow
Hair: Black, mildly curly in texture. Usually hip-length
Notable Features: A freckle underneath the right eye, and a birth-mark on the clavicle

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A Brief History of the Hopkirk Family
The archaeic and reputable Hopkirk name is of British decent, and is in recorded wizarding history dating back to the 6th Century. In the extant documents found, there was a Mr. Callistus Hopkirk was notably recognized for his golden irises- a trait that is still considered indicitive of his decendent's Pureblood status. To this day, the family is one of the few eldest, and verifiable Pureblood families left in Britian, to the International Ministry of Magic records. 

The Hopkirk Legacy
(To Be Continued)

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