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When I came tp Hogwarts I was fasinated with the sight, an I must add, the boat tripp has been one of my top 10 favorite moments of my first year. I was sorted into Slytherin, I was not surprised really, I[ve always been cunning, and ambitious and so on. Oddly I was a hatstall, It might have been unclear for the hat for my family is full of different house members, I remember he told me he was thinking about sending me to Griffindor, but I guess there was a thing or two that made him decide for Slytherin.
One of my favorite classes has to be Care of magical creatures, along with Defence against the dark arts, I belive both of them are quite unique ande awesome. I don't really like potions class, I mean it's cool and all but... one stepp wrong and puff, your eyebrows are gone. I'm a pureblood, along with my familly, and so it has been for generations, and hopefully for more generations as well. In a way, people see you differently for being a pureblood, they have this steriotyped way of viewing ud purebloods, and for some reason they always belive I'm going to be some kind of evil, witch of something.
My greatest strength... I guess It would be my determination to be better, to be this great witch that the wizarding world will remember, I always want to do better, and I am determined to do as I wish. And I think that is as well my weakness, that I would do anything to be the best or to get where I want... plus I'm too sentimental.
I want to be an Auror, or even be a Magical Creature expert, imagine, being able to interact with all the creature the wizarding world has to offer. One of the most facinating aspects of magic is partially the pranks, I've never prakned anyone, by I sure admire those tricksters. I want to use magic to help other AND for myself, How can one not think about oneself? It's like the first thing one does.
To be truthfull, I just want to be better than my family, my parents are great, my brothers too, even my little sister is great, and I feel like I have so much more to give and to prove so... that is what I trully want, to be better or the best. I have pets I'll tell you that, I have an owl here at Hogwarts and I have a cat at home, and that is just me, now think about the rest of my family, my brothers have owls of their own, my parents too, and my grandma, as well as my little sister, we have around seven owls, PLUS my cat, PLUS my sisters dog, and other three dog we have... we have SO many pets, I'm missing fingers to count. My owl's name is Moony, and my cat's name is Slalem... probably not hte best name for a cat but... It has a ring to it "Salem Mientram" that's he's full name, and for the rest of the animals in the house... I don't have the brains to know them all.
Interesting thing about my family, we don't really care about houses, we've got Gryffindors, Huffelpuffs, Ravenclaws and of course Slytherins, we are a variaty of house members, I mean, there hasn't been that many Slytherin's in the family but I think that is wat makes me so cool and unique.
We do have dissagreemens when muggles come across a conversation at dinner, most of my family find them... interesting and all that, but I don't, I think they are VERY boring, muggles are non-magical creatures that that makes them boring to me, the only interesting thing about them are the muggle-born wizards, I mean, muggles with magic, now that is wierdly interesting. But the rest of the muggles are boring.
Two interesting facts about me: I´m and animagus AND a metamorphmagus, I guess I'm even MORE of a wierdo in my family, My little sister is a metamorphmagus as well, and my oldest brother... a bunch of wierdos we are.
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