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Hello I hope you are good! I'm a Slytherin!

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Hello! I hope you are good!
I'm a Slytherin! I love muggle-born's / half-bloods, so plz no hate :(
My name is Portia, and I love Hogwarts!

House: Slytherin
Blood Status: Pure Blood :P
Job: When not at school, i am usally practising my quiditch skills! (I am a pro beater, one of the best in the world!)
Charecters I like in Harry Potter!: Draco M, Hermonie G, Harry p, ROn w, Scorpious Malfoy, Scabior, Lucius, Bellatrix ,And so on! I would just quickly like to give a HUGE shoutout/ thank you note to my folllowwers. You are all SO amazing!
Quiditch position: Chaser :D
Patronus: dragon!
I'm a head girl/ Prefect!
And just like one of my friends, I learned hot to Apparate/Dissaparate really early! (3rd year)
I LOVE this website, I hope you are all great!
Thank you for your time :D

P.S If you folllow, I'm following back! Your all amazing!

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