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My Backstory


NAME: Hannah Miriam Cohen
RESIDENCE: West London, U.K.
BIRTHDAY: November 16th
BLOOD STATUS: Muggle-born
WAND: beech wood, phoenix feather, 10 ¼ inches, surprisingly swishy



Hannah has never been one to value vanity, but that doesn't stop her from twirling her long, curly, brown hair around her finger when she gets bored in class. Her dark hair makes her fair skin and sparkling hazel eyes pop in contrast. When standing, Hannah measures a mere 5 feet tall, yet her personality makes up for her vertical challenge. Hannah's slim figure is nearly always swallowed in her long robes, which she'll typically swap out with jeans when lounging around the common room or on Holiday break.



“Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back.”

That saying echoed in Hannah Miriam Cohen’s ears all throughout her childhood. She was a curious girl, not only in the sense of her inquisitive nature but also in her remarkable ability to make the impossible possible. Hannah yearned to explore everything she could immerse herself in and was indeed quite satisfied whenever she found answers to her endless questions.

Growing up fully engaged in the Muggle world, she was always envious of her two older siblings. Hannah always felt she was living in her siblings’ shadows and thus fought to find her place in society. She spent many hours researching poetic masterpieces in the London Library and even tried to write her own.

When Hannah sat down one summer evening to finish a poem she had been honing on for months, her frustration got the best of her and her page erupted into flames. Her parents were in shock at such an event, but it was all explained when a letter addressed to Miss Cohen arrived in their post the following week from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Upon packing her trunk, Hannah was excited to finally find her true calling away from her siblings. Her Sorting Ceremony stands out as a unique initiation to the magical world for her. She sat on the rickety stool for an entire 4 minutes and 18 seconds while the hat debated placing Hannah into Gryffindor or Hufflepuff. Finally, her determination and nerve won her a seat at the Lions’ table where she happily made friends with the other maroon clad students.

Although sports were never her forte, Hannah’s Quidditch tryout was successful, and she is proud to represent Gryffindor as a Chaser out on the pitch. You can often find her reading up a storm in the library or practicing her spell-casting in the Charms classroom.


*A huge thank you to Astrid Fairisles for her constant support. A much-deserved outpour of appreciation for helping with the writing and coding too! Thank you to Stella Morgan for her editing expertise as well! Last but certainly not least, inspiration from Piper Clark, Eslanda Autumn, and Indira Thornton is much obliged.

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