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Welcome to Care of Magical Creatures!

Welcome to Care of Magical Creatures! This is the final year of the course. You can find the first year of the course here. Below you can find links to textbooks, additional pages you may find of interest, and details about when and why the course was last updated. 

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The Care of Magical Creatures Companion Guide

Diverse Dragonology

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Past Creature Design Contests

Many artistic depictions of creatures used in this course were created by the DeviantArt user maryquiZe. We recommend checking out her work!

Course Last Updated: July 2020 for Image and Formatting Updates

Announcements Last Updated: December 2020

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Can't Stop The Feeling Welcome back, students! I hope you all had a wonderful and restful break. I know myself and Professor Cattercorn were eager to come back to Hogwarts, especially after we were sent to the state of Texas in the United States to assist in containing a Peruvian Vipertooth that b…

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Chat Noir Chanceux Welcome back to Care of Magical Creatures. It is I, Professor Anne, here with you again this week. Professor Cattercorn will be joining us later this year as we discuss other creatures. Today we are going to discuss a French creature that many of you have likely heard whispers a…

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Out of Style Welcome to the third lesson of Seventh Year! It also happens to be the beginning of your last year-long project. I recognize this is your third lesson in a row with me, but, never fear! Professor Cattercorn will be joining us next time. For this project, I would like you to learn more…

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Welcome to the Southside Welcome back to Care of Magical Creatures! Today, Professor Cattercorn and I will be discussing two serpents that I’m sure many of you have heard of, whether it be from your parents telling you a scary story or reading about it in one of many available textbooks. The…

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Look Through the Smaug Hello and welcome! I hope everyone enjoyed learning about the dangerous serpents we covered last week. I am so excited to be here with Professor Anne today because today’s subject is very long-awaited, for us and you. I clearly remember so many of you as young Second Y…

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Beware the Sea Full of Monsters Welcome back to the Care of Magical Creatures hut! Professor Cattercorn is not joining us this week, but she asked me to send along her compliments on how you all handled the midterm. She was very impressed with how in depth everyone went through the loft and looked…

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It Hangs From The Trees Welcome back once again to Care of Magical Creatures! I just can’t believe that we are already seven lessons into the year. On top of that, I am beyond shocked that we’re this close to completing your education at Hogwarts! Enough of that, though, Professor Anne…

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The Unconventional Guardians Welcome back, everyone, to your second-to-last Care of Magical Creatures class. I must say, Professor Cattercorn and I were a little sad preparing today’s lesson, as it means our time with you is almost over. We’ve enjoyed every minute of it, and we hope yo…

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Oh The Places You'll Go Well, it is almost to say goodbye. Today is your last lesson of Care of Magical Creatures. This day is bittersweet for Professor Cattercorn and me, as we are so proud of you all for coming this far and can’t wait to see what you do with this knowledge, but we will mis…

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In your final year of Care of Magical Creatures, fifteen magical creatures will round out your education. These creatures are some of the most dangerous and interesting that we have covered to date. Additionally, creatures you may not be familiar with, as they are not categorized by the Ministry of Magic, will be discussed to ensure you gain a thorough understanding of the types of creatures you may encounter. Finally, the last year-long project will be completed.
Course Prerequisites:
  • COMC-601