Demos Dragonsong
I miss you my best mate Sirius B. Rip 5/18/17 RIP.
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My Backstory
gender: gender fluid prefers pronouns they/them
birthday: July 13
sigh: cancer
Status: pure-blood
wand Rowan wood 12 3/4 inches dragon heart string core slightly bendy flexibility

Parents Muraco Dragonsong and Elizabetha Nott
sibs: Sheyenne Dragonsong
Mattais Dragonsong
Datoka Dragonsong

Random Favs
Class: potions and HOM
Animal: dragons
Food: Dessert
Patronus: begain as a kitsune changed to a large dog
Animagus Form: Kitsune
Languages: Greek Latin french Norse
Activity: playing music or writing
special talents: wand less elemental magic, soul magic aka shamanism

Growing up in my family magic has always been part of my life. My mother came from a European pure-blood family. My father was our village Shaman and medicine man is also a pureblood. We have a village that is a mix of muggleborns, half bloods, and purebloods. I have grown up learning potions and "soul" magic from my father. I was raised to not use a wand in casting my spells. I am gifted in elemental magic and wandless magic. My aminmagus form is that of a Kitsune as well as my patronus. I decided to go to Hogwarts instead of Ilverymore to become closer to my mother. I am currently a 4th year ravenclaw. My goal is to become a mind healer.
Any questions please ask