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Both of my parents are magical, so I grew up in a magic household. Unlike the children I grew up with, I grew up with special abilities. I was bullied because of these abilities, teased endlessly for being emotionless and being different. The bullying has led me to travel down a dark road. I am telekinetic, meaning I can move things with my mind, among other abilities. I can also control ice and water, two forms of the same element, though I rely on my telekinesis far more than my latter two abilities. I have been training these abilities since I was a young girl. With my telekinetic powers, I can create powerful shields, move things with my mind, bind, levitate, or lift, things, fly, and shoot destructive blasts and waves of telekinetic energy. With my cryokinetic powers, I mostly use it to create weaponry, though I can also use it in a variety of other ways if I wished. My hydrokinetic powers are mostly used to absorb or purify water, as well as a counter to any and all fire attacks. Because of my special abilities, I have a stoic personality to keep them under control. If I were to show even the slightest hint of emotion, my powers will go out of control and potentially destroy something. I have a most wonderful companion accompanying me at Hogwarts, a frog named Ponder. You may often find me drawing or writing home to my parents. I also have a brother, Brenton, though he left our home at a young age and I haven't spoken with him since. I had no idea I had a brother until I read a letter my parents sent me one day.
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