Triwizard Tourtament

What did you guys think about the 1st task, the 2nd task, and the 3rd task
What did you guys think about the 1st task, the 2nd task, and the 3rd task
hey ?
I think the first task was deadly, the second almost impossible and the third 65% difficult and 35% easy.
The first task in my opinion is thinking a lot about defensive spells, the second task is following clues, the third is using logic strategy.
when you really think about it none of them were adequately prepared for the tournament. Every single individual had aid of some sort. It would be interesting to see how they would have fared had they had no assistance from anyone. The first task may have prepared them for what danger lay ahead but the arena and the layout and the other factors were not something they were privy too. I think the first task had a lot to do with prompt thinking and knowledge of defensive spells against a very large and very real threat. This is a task designed to test the physicality of their defense in magic. I think each task reflected on the different aspect that make a great witch or wizard. All three tasks had an element of time and urgency while putting items on the line. People you love, winning, proceeding to the next task, and even their lives. Every task allowed them the opportunity to use their strengths to the best of their abilities. That is even mentioned in the movie and books.

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