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I feel like doodling some Hogwarts-y stuff, so I thought I'd take requests :D So if you want me to draw your HiH character, please comment! I thought the Fanart board could use a little activity. I'll take requests for the first five to give me a reference pic. A description is fine if it's detailed. :) 
I feel like doodling some Hogwarts-y stuff, so I thought I'd take requests :D So if you want me to draw your HiH character, please comment! I thought the Fanart board could use a little activity. I'll take requests for the first five to give me a reference pic. A description is fine if it's detailed. :) 
If you wanna do me that'd be awesome. If you only do like student drawings thats cool too, but if you also do just "regular" wizard drawings thats even better. I'm 19 and in ravenclaw. I got green eyes and hair like this http://www.hairstylestalk.com/images/daniel-radclife-hair.jpg (google coincidence) but slightly darker brown. I got Thin rectangular glasses with thin edges that I wear quite low on my nose which is quite round. oh right i got normal caucasian complexion not too pale ya'know like beigy-ish. I've got quite a sharp jawline and my brow is quite browish. Thin eyebrows. Quite thin and tall i am. Known to scowl sometimes. A scar on the edge of my right eyebrow 2 cm longish. My wand is long, it got a silvery grey colour, it got a curved handle which is larger than the base of the "wand", and the wand has got a ridge spiraling around the wand like a screw or a drill. If you want to draw me as a student I would prefer the shirt and vest comination not the robed version. If you want to draw me like a cool dude wizard of awesomeness I'd like to have a goatee or soulpatch. I would be in a robish/coatish thing, but with an armored shoulder and knee in kind of plate armor or leather plates in a fitting colour scheme. i'd be wearing pants and hiking boots. I'd have a sheath or holder strapped to my thigh to hold my wand and also a kukri knife (or other knife.) and i'd have a gim sword in an ornamented scabbard on my back.If you don't want to draw anything i'm fine and if you do you only have to have features you want to have and feel free to add anything of your own if it suits you.  Ty anyways.  
Finished! Just sticking to students right now. I hope it's okay :) http://i62.tinypic.com/ke95km.png">
That's Great!! Awesome!! i'll use this as my thingymajig!
Hi! The above is awesome ^ Can you do me? A close up though... like my first reference picture.Hair: The pic below, but with black hair. (Front view)Eye Color: Dark brown.Expression: A small smile instead of the sad frown.Pose: BelowComplexion: Close to below.Clothes: Hogwarts Robe! Maybe with a little green...Background: Similar to below :)Other: A wand is showing (without the hand) on the left side near her chest, appropriately. See reference pic # 2http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQAXU25xUssiWToZ88D_AlmBubF0MHMkIylpcGqumKJXIQyTo3Pkw" style=""> http://www.worldofjames.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/inside-potter-souvenir-harry-wand.jpg" style="">(Sorry that last one was so big!)If you decide to take this on, thanks in advance!
Hey, if you're not too busy, can you draw my character? The profile pic I have currently is not what i look like. Okay... Here it goes...I am a girl, obviously. I have green eyes, long black hair that reaches the small of my back. I have a somewhat round face with soft features. my nose is slightly curved upward so i look mischievous. I also have a pale, smooth complexion. I am 5'7" and have a slim yet curvy figure. I'm not super duper skinny, but a regular weight for a 16-year-old girl. I have a slight hint at freckles acrows my cheeks, but not on my nose. I am part of the Ravenclaw house (#CawCawRavenclaw) and would love it if you put me in Ravenclaw school attire with a striped blue and grey scarf. My wand is darkly coloured with a vine of leaves snaked around the handle. WHEW! Hoped this helped! :3
Done with the request for Kaitlynn! Sorry for the wait. I hope it's fine ;v; http://i57.tinypic.com/2s92ddl.png" style="width: 598.8214285714286px; height: 513px;">
Also, while I'll do the requests on here, if you want anything more/different, I also do commissions here :) 
Hey can you do my character ravenclaw girl with long hair and with a broom
Can you do one for me as well? My current profile picture is what I look like (hazel eyes as well) and I'm in Slytherin. How you chose to dress it is up to you. Just all I ask is have it be something from my house. :) Your work is amazing!
Hi, can you draw me a 12 year-old Ravenclaw girl. With medium length, medium brown hair with blondish highlights in the front and hazel brown eyes. Hair in a ponytail if you can. Reading a book with a wand in her hand. And maybe a eagle necklace. And a patronus shaped like a rabbit around her. And can she just wear the traditional Hogwarts girl uniform , no robe, with a blue tie.Thanks, you can take away or add things if you like to make it easier. I really don't care, you're also a really go artist.
Can u do me in a Hogwarts robe
Hi Teine. I like your drawings. Can you draw me - a ten year old girl in the forbidden forest surrounded by glowing blue butterflies. Brown curly hair , shoulder length, tied up in a blue ribbon, green eyes, kinda looks like my profile picture - only smaller, and with hundreds of butterflies. Here's my pic: http://pinkpolka234.deviantart.com/art/Glowing-Butterfly-135460728 Oh, and barefeet. I feel this is hard, but I think you can do it coz you're such a great animator. If you decide to do this, thanks in advance
Hi you could do me if you have time. I have hair that looks like this: https://nl.pinterest.com/pin/229542912237126389/ and than it should be dark blonde :) I have green eyes (green/yellow with on the outside an almost black circle). My eyes have almost no eyelid and are kinda almond shaped. My eyesbrows are dark and very present. They are long and arch at 2/3. My face is long round ish. my nose is kinda big haha but O have rather full lips and when I smile my cheeks lift. I am an 14 year old Slytherin, can I please wear a Slytherin uniform? My hair can also be in a messy bun if that is nicer for you :) I like smirking haha. My wand is rather long with a thicker handle which has leafs on it. My facial expression is usually mischievous :D I hope you have fun drawing :)
Hello, If this offer is still available, I'd love a personalised drawing of myself 'Magorian Oswald', I'm a first year Gryffindor. If you need any more info, let me know. Thanks
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