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Hi Welcome to the Gryffindor Common Room!
I'm new
Hey Nash,I'm back into Gryffindor.I feel great.I codn't sleep at night at Slytherin Common room.Mermaids were comming at middle of the night.One night,I get up at 03:oo AM to place tooth-paste in Snape's shampoo,and I looked to the window,on the other side is the lake,and a mermaid just showed up!
Hi! I am new
Hello Have you seen Remus?
Who is Remus?
Maybe someone could help?I can choose witch object learn first.
Hey errybody, I'm Frankie AND I AM A GIRL
Hi I'm new
Well Hello! I am Proffessor Longbottom (yes, his I'm told). Just wanted you all to know that I am looking forward to finding my way around this website because it seems they take a dreadfully long way around everything instead of it all being interconnection and being able to go back to where you were working. By the time I manage to go to my lesson, then look up something in the library and then go back to my lesson I could have walked a 10 mile marathon. Oh well, hopefully they will fix that in the future. Anyway, nice to meet you all and I do hope you will help me remember as time goes by.
How do you make friends on this?
I can only figure out how to follow people and not friend then
When a person follows you and you follow his/her account, you are friends.

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