Quidditch players needed!

Hi, I'm a chaser and I need as many people and the best team ever! Gryffindor! Can we have anyone signing up? And say if u have any experience in quidditch, and I will try my best! Let's beat slytherin for the 5th year in a row! GO GO GRYFFINDOR
oh can I be a seeker. please.
I'm up for it but please don't make me beater
I'll be anything other than a beater.
I will be a seeker if you need one.
I can be usufull. I am first class but my parents teach me how to play Quiddich. In my country I play for Gryffindors
I can be the keeper
Can I be a keeper?
Sorry I didn't mean to pair twice
Anything but a beater.
anything player that you want me to be!
I could be a chaser
i could be a seeker or a beater
Im a good beater, but im also pretty fast. So im good for chaser or beater
can I be a player´╝č
Could I be on the team?
Could I possibly be a chaser or the seeker? I grew up playing Quidditch and I am a natural flier. Even though this is my First year I have a broom at home and could have my parents mail it?!
OH Can I be a chaser?
can I be beater
or seeker
I can be a seeker or beater :)

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