Ilvermorny houses

Hiya everyone! This is my first ever post in the forums, and I thought it would be super fun to talk about our Ilvermorny houses! A long time ago I took the official Ilvermorny house quiz on Pottermore and I got Horned Serpent. But just now, I took another quiz (not the official one) and got Pukwudgie. Now I'm all confused! ^-^ Hehe, anyways feel free to share your house with me! -Lottie
I'm in Thunderbird apparently! I have no idea what in the bloody world that's supposed to be, but it's okay. Yayyy.
Ooo cool!
Horned Serpent :) I took a few test and they all gave me that! I am also a Ravenclaw. Hence, my name!
Horned serpent! Apparently I’m not just ambitious but smart too!

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