The Great Hall


336,829 Points

Head of House

Professor Draekon


335,540 Points

Head of House

Professor Soleil


460,927 Points

Head of House

Professor Robert Plumb


312,277 Points

Head of House

Professor Salvatrix

Gryffindor Leaderboard
Katie 5th Year 7,244 Points
Louisa S R W 4th Year 4,332 Points
Kelley King 4th Year 4,034 Points
Winter Grimwood 3rd Year 3,802 Points
Beezer Vablatsky 3rd Year 3,583 Points
Lily Lavender 3rd Year 3,216 Points
Mackenzie Bowers 2nd Year 3,186 Points
Emma Allen 3rd Year 3,025 Points
Hufflepuff Leaderboard
Hans Magnus Salgord 6th Year 8,452 Points
Sadie Bean 5th Year 6,459 Points
Jennifer Weasley 4th Year 5,199 Points
Megan 4th Year 4,273 Points
HarriSun 3rd Year 4,171 Points
Tammy Coleman 4th Year 4,128 Points
muse raylin 4th Year 3,829 Points
Hallow Witch 5th Year 3,629 Points
Ravenclaw Leaderboard
Staraptor 5th Year 10,577 Points
Timothy Walsh 4th Year 8,107 Points
Jesse Cassandra 5th Year 7,892 Points
Crimson Fawkes 4th Year 6,076 Points
Emma Estrella 3rd Year 5,561 Points
Henry Ridgeback 2nd Year 4,743 Points
Velinea Nite 3rd Year 4,741 Points
Cristina Rose 3rd Year 3,489 Points
Slytherin Leaderboard
Dane Lautner 6th Year 11,334 Points
Charlotte Edens 5th Year 8,781 Points
Aurora Jackson 4th Year 4,621 Points
Andromeda Cyreus 3rd Year 3,673 Points
Hannah Ashwood 3rd Year 3,370 Points
Gurleen 3rd Year 3,060 Points
Jade Malfoy 2nd Year 2,744 Points
Sarah Llewellyn 3rd Year 2,585 Points
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