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Feel free to create your own group or roleplay, invite your friends and live the story!

Popular Groups & Roleplays


Dueling Club

Public Roleplay • 152 Members

Join the dueling club today! This group is created by Ella Bennett. There will be teams, (4 people from each house) who will separately go against another house to try to win dueling against them. Everyone is welcome to join! :)


HDN Readers

Public Group • 151 Members

This group is for all the people who love to read the Hogwarts Daily News!


Wizarding World

Public Roleplay • 151 Members

I was inspired by @RolfScamander81. This is an RP for HP. I create RP and well you'll get it. Join here for Roleplay in the Wizarding World.


Camp Half-Blood

Private Group • 146 Members

A great place for all fans of the Percy Jackson series to socialize and Roleplay!


A Girl's Wild Night

Public Roleplay • 145 Members

A place for girls to role play wild, sexy nights with eachother.


The Quidditch Pitch

Private Group • 145 Members

Enter the Quidditch Pitch! Come and register for a position on the Quidditch Teams! Either Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw or Slytherin you are welcome to play! If you are curious, feel free to look into the rules and see what we do!


The Four Cores Wand Shop

Public Group • 142 Members

welcome to The Four Cores Wand Shop. Here in Four Cores we sell beautiful hand crafted wands. We sell wands with one of four cores, the usual unicorn tail hair, phoenix feather or dragon heartstring or our own core, bowtruckle limb


The New Death Eaters

Public Roleplay • 137 Members

Ever since the fall of the Dark Lord, a new force has risen. The children of fallen Death Eaters have joined together, and we are all bent on avenging the defeat of our father's. (Good Grammar, Relatively Long Posts Required, Darker Themes)


Adoption Center of Magical Animals

Public Group • 134 Members

Want to adopt a cute, magical animal? Come here!



Public Group • 132 Members

For those interested in learning about and discussing wandlore, or to share personal stories about gaining, using, or even making wands!


Advertising Group

Public Group • 131 Members

Anyone feel the need to advertise their groups? Here you can advertise books, groups, anything! Join now to blast your ratings sky-high!


Hogwarts Express

Public Roleplay • 129 Members

Find a seat on the train, grab a treat from the trolley, don't lose your pet toad, and enjoy the ride! And don't forget to change into your robes before you arrive

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