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Recent Groups & Roleplays


gryffindor girls

Private Group • 1 Members

group of girls only


Room of Requirement: Spell lessons

Public Group • 1 Members

Need help with spells? No problem! Just show up every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at Eight Thirty PM! I'll be here, ready to help!


Hogwarts Masterminds

Private Group • 8 Members

Why is a raven like a writing desk?


Homework Group!

Public Group • 2 Members

In this group, we help with homework. It is only for Gryffindors. Also, you have to be in your first year.


Snellsby Sistas :)

Private Group • 2 Members

Brooke Snelling, (that's me!) + Milana Slinsby= The Snellsby Sisters! In reality, Mil and I look exactly alike, almost like twins! We are not biologically sisters, but we always wear the same clothes, look identical and are totally BFFs!


Bulstrode Brooms

Public Group • 4 Members

Welcome to Bulstrode Brooms, a Diagon Alley shop that sells brooms, old to new! The required details will be with the broom. Order it (and get it delivered to your wall ASAP!) or collect it (you buy it, you then collect it!). Come on in!


Hufflepuff House 

Public Group • 7 Members

This for anyone Hufflepuff to talk about Quidditch strategies, how to get house points, etc.


Drepression & Anxiety Support

Public Group • 9 Members

A place for anyone enjoying having a black cloud over your head or crippling-self doubt and the ever so popular attacks to come and talk to each other about it


The Rampion

Public Group • 8 Members

A group where you can fangirl (or fanboy) your head off!


Vellie & True Wedding Planning

Private Roleplay • 2 Members


Rachel's hut

Public Roleplay • 1 Members

Join if you want to visit my hut and chat anytime! I'm the gatekeeper.


Animals everywhere adoption center

Public Group • 59 Members

You can put animals up for adoption, adopt other animals and Rp with people about you creatures and theirs

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