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Recent Groups & Roleplays


Potter, Weasly and Granger Holiday Group

Private Roleplay • 7 Members

Sorry! Potter/Wealsy/Granger Mainly! Everyone else is allowed as well! Have Fun Enjoying RP!



Private Group • 2 Members



Public Group • 9 Members

General High functioning sociopaths that have no social life!!!! Join me!!!!!


Friends and Fights

Public Group • 1 Members

For talking, or for fighting. Whatever floats your boat.


Just Me and My Peeps

Private Roleplay • 1 Members

read title. :P


The Baron Syndicate

Private Roleplay • 3 Members

In the dead of night, a group comes together.They band together in night, a fitting setting for the followers of the Dark. Before the Followers stand two, those who command. We welcome you to the Dark. {Preferrably 18+}


Student Counselling

Public Roleplay • 3 Members

Having problems? This is the place for you


The Official Hogwarts Band

Public Group • 25 Members

This is the official band of Hogwarts page! All types of band clubs are here!


OFFICIAL Slytherin Quidditch Team

Public Group • 107 Members

This is another Slytherin Quidditch Team. Try-outs December 21st, if I have not enough players, feel free to try out but the announcement of the team will be delayed.


Veritaserum [[18+ RP Group]]

Private Roleplay • 52 Members

This is a group for all those who are 18 and older on HiH. Basic: 1. Keep graphic romance off of here. We don't wanna read it. 2. Try to be semi-literate. 3. No god-moding. 4. Life is better with conflict.



Private Group • 4 Members



Public Group • 49 Members

A club for all fans of the BBC Sherlock TV programme! Come and discuss the show, view (and share) all sorts of Sherlock-related internet posts and - of course - fangirl over Benedict Cumberbatch!

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