Lexi Horst
Hello, I am Legs, queen of the macaroni kingdom. I like memes. A lot. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
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My Backstory
Lex came from America to study abroad instead of going to Ilvermorny, and got placed in Hufflepuff. She had her doubts, as she had earlier fancied herself a Gryffindor, but soon grew to have a deep affection for her House. She has a love for cats and video games, and appreciates all her friends on here deeply. She is an aspiring author, as well as the leader of what seems to be the only feminist group on HiH. She is a proud supporter of LGBTQA+ rights, and tries to learn more about the community every day. She'll regularly talk about her best friend Sam, not to be confused with her cat. She has medium blond hair, and has eyes that seemed to change regularly in her years from birth to about 10, but they seemed to have settled on a mix of blue, green, and gray. She is very socially anxious, but quite outgoing once you have gotten into her comfort zone. She has a pet cat named Sam, who is probably her favorite person in the entire world, (even though he's not a person). She has many OCs, but her two favorites are twins, Lillithia and Akima, made for RPs in the Minecraft Diares universe. (Minecraft Diaries is made by Aphmau, and it's freakishly good. You should watch it.) Lex will probably make frequent posts about the previously mentioned OCs, for character building exercises. Well, I want to stop talking in third person now, so GOODBYE! *swoops out window*