Isabel Rhodesse
   Head Girl for DADA
---------Fourth Year // Ravenclaw // Muggleborn--------- Curious. Accepting. Anxious. Dry Humor. INFJ
  • Joined April 2014
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  • 4th Year
  • United States
My Backstory
Hey, hi, how's it going?

As the last Student Liaison, I am help happy to help keep HiH awesome. I am here to mediate student-student and student-professor conflicts, answer "silly" questions as you get settled in, and assist with pretty much anything else you can think of. Drop in any time to ask me questions or for help.

Also, if you need detailed help, I PA for a few classes, including:
DADA (Head Girl)

***Used to be Head Girl but, stepped down to switch to DADA. In any case, still very knowledgeable!