Jacob Moretti
   Elemental of the Moretti Coven
  • Joined March 2016
  • Member of Slytherin
  • 5 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • United States
My Backstory
My parents were good to me for as long as i can remember that is until they tried to force me into the death eater ranks and be a servant of you know who. So i stole my fathers wand and ran, i have never looked back or wondered what happened to them.
for a year i was on the run until i met the Morettis they offered me a place to live for no reason, i accepted their offer so i lived with the Moretti family and still do, they are my new family when i got my letter. I went with my new family to get my supplies and went to platform 9 3/4 to start my life at hogwarts. i was quickly put into slytherin, , the only thing my parents gave me before i left was a half finished dark mark which can never come off.
I was only 8 when Ieft my parents and I was 9 when I joined the Moretti family
Some people in The Moretti family or Coven (depending on who you ask) have powers or 'gifts' I am one of those people, eventho, I am technically an adopted member I have a 'gift' I am an elemental. I prefer to us my elemental 'gift' of fire. but I can control all the elements, when I used a fire stone by accident something went wrong and my appearance changed my eyes went red and my hair went fire red also, also due to the stone I was losing control of my powers or so I thought....I was actually becoming more powerful. I sometimes have to were an pendant to keep the stones effect under control