Lola Wolf
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  • 3rd Year
  • NL
My Backstory


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Name: Lola Wolf
House: Gryffindor
Current year: 3rd year
Age: 18
Blood status: half-blood
Favourite class: DADA, Ancient Runes, History of Magic
Least Favourite class: potions
Wand: Cedarwood, Phoenix feather core, 13" in length, Reasonably Supple flexibility
Patronus: white stallion
Ilvermory house: Thunderbird
Favourite colour: ocean blue
Special positions: news reporter for the Hogwarts Entertainment Magazine, DADA PA
Hobbies: reading, writing, pranking people, doing Quidditch, Swimming, doing water polo
Fun fact: I love extreme weather and playing quidditch

Lola is born in the Netherlands but moved at a young age to the U.K. She is still fluent in both languages. Her little brother has a muggle disease called kidney failure. Lola is a half-blood as my mom is a muggle and her dad is a wizard. Her younger brother has shown signs of magical power. When Lola was 11 I received my Hogwarts letter and sorted into Gryffindor. Around the same time, she discovered that she can turn into any animal at will. Lola can also change her hair whenever she wants.

Normally Lola has short dirty blond hair and is in human form. She often transforms into an eagle or a wolf if she needs to let her emotions run free or is bored. She has ocean blue eyes and ADHD. She sometimes changes the colour of her hair to prank people, but not everyone is happy that she does that.

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