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"The Ethereal Enigma: Bianca Calistis and the Hauntin… by Bianca Calistis 10 164
My life when I was of Hogwarts
  164 Reads • 10 Chapters
"The Dragon's Prophecy" by Bianca Calistis 10 147
"The Dragon's Prophecy" is a thrilling tale that follows Lucia's heroic journey, filled with adventure, friendship, and the fulfillment of her destiny as a powerful witch destined to protect the dragons and restore balance to the magical realm.
  147 Reads • 10 Chapters
Emma and the Shadows of Hogwarts by Bianca Calistis 6 225
"Emma Stonebridge and the Shadows of Hogwarts" is a captivating and enchanting novel that captures the essence of the beloved Harry Potter series while introducing readers to a new protagonist. Journey alongside Emma as she delves into the mysteries of Hogwarts, battles dark forces, and discovers her own strength in the face of adversity. This captivating tale will delight both new and longtime f…
  225 Reads • 6 Chapters
"The Scepter of Eldoria: A Tale of Magic and Destiny" by Bianca Calistis 20 144
"The Scepter of Eldoria" invites readers into a wholly original and fantastical realm brimming with magic, adventure, and the exploration of one's true destiny. In this captivating tale, we journey to the enchanting world of Eldoria, where ancient prophecies and extraordinary powers intertwine. Follow the extraordinary journey of Elara, a young and determined heroine with a mysterious past. Ra…
  144 Reads • 20 Chapters
"The Secrets of Shadows: Unveiling the Darkness" by Bianca Calistis 9 188
continue of the first book "Emma and the Shadows of Hogwarts"
  188 Reads • 9 Chapters
Veiled Shadows: The Untold Tale of Bianca Calistis or… by Bianca Calistis 5 223
This book will told you about my past and what happen to me before become a ghost.
  223 Reads • 5 Chapters
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