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Books by Professor Wessex

Story Chapters Reads
Rune Dictionary by Professor Wessex 16 23,481
An introduction to the interpretation and usage of Germanic runes.
  23,481 Reads • 16 Chapters
The Seer's Guide To Seeing by Professor Wessex 10 9,358
A beginner's guide to the many-faceted field of divination.
  9,358 Reads • 10 Chapters
Gardiner’s Sign List: A Magical Addendum by Professor Wessex 31 3,722
Looking for a quick and easy reference for the uses of magical hieroglyhics? Look no further. Authors Arkaeus and Olin Baldric have created an excellent field guide for curse-breakers, magianthropologists, magiarchaeologists and more.
  3,722 Reads • 31 Chapters
Rapa Nui and Rongorongo: Isolated and Elusive by Professor Wessex 5 1,597
Volume thirty-five of this biannual journal focuses on Polynesia, specifically on the tiny island community of Rapa Nui, otherwise known as Easter Island. It features a collection of recent academic articles and studies on the topic, including Maeve Kyteler's bold compilation of all known contributed meanings, as well as a brief explanation of Muggle classification systems, among many others.
  1,597 Reads • 5 Chapters
The Magical Mediterranean by Professor Wessex 5 2,029
Volume forty-one of this biannual journal focuses on the Mediterranean, a literal hub of the ancient magical world. It features a collection of recent academic articles on the topic, including Baqi Elazar's anthology of Proto-Canaanite meanings, and an exclusive article by Venita Wessex on the process of discovering Phoenician's heretofore unknown magical uses.
  2,029 Reads • 5 Chapters
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