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Story Chapters Reads
Naming ceremony by Brightsky 5 733
  733 Reads • 5 Chapters
A Place in the Clans by Brightsky 7 677
Here you can find out which Clan you belong in, your position in it, and more! So step into the world of Warriors, and see where you belong.
  677 Reads • 7 Chapters
Diary of a Seal by Brightsky 19 618
This is the diary of Glacier Nola. Read this and I will eat your nose.
  618 Reads • 19 Chapters
A Place In The Tribe by Brightsky 4 490
Everyone who has read A Place In The Clans, please read this!
  490 Reads • 4 Chapters
Wings Of Fire Names by Brightsky 3 666
It's in the title.
  666 Reads • 3 Chapters
What Does Your Patronus Say About Your Personality? by Brightsky 21 4,375
A complete description of almost all Patronuses and what it means about the caster. Read if you really want to research your part! P.S. Go ahead and copy! Take whatever you need for a roleplay or backstory, just please don't take info to write another book just like this. Thank you so much!
  4,375 Reads • 21 Chapters
All the warrior cats names I can make up by Brightsky 4 532
Its basically in the title. But if you think there is something that should be modified, added, taken away, or is copied, tell me! (To assure you, nothing is copied).
  532 Reads • 4 Chapters
My Book of Images by Brightsky 6 679
Okay sooo. This might sound weird. This is a book of images I've found and love and want to share with the world. So use these in your backstory, books, Ocs descriptions, whatever. READ ON!
  679 Reads • 6 Chapters
My OCS by Brightsky 4 794
This isn't really important but if you'd like to RP with me then here are some characters you could choose for me to use, if you'd like!
  794 Reads • 4 Chapters
Why HiH is Changing, And... Well, Maybe Not What to D… by Brightsky 4 643
Everyone please read this. It's Very Important Stuff that you should definitely be aware of. If you agree please post things like this on your wall, or your friend's wall, or your group's home page, or whatever.
  643 Reads • 4 Chapters
World of Warrior (cats) by Brightsky 1 178
Ugh, do we really need another quiz book all about warriors? It feels like they never stop coming. But still. It's a pretty good book (if I do say so myself). Read MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! (I say this with putter oliteness, obviously. I MEAN UTTER POLITENESS aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)
  178 Reads • 1 Chapters
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