DADA-101 Notes

written by Piper Clark

A complete and detailed notebook for DADA-101 by Piper Clark. Includes Spell and Creature Indexes at the end.

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Lesson 1: Introduction to Defense Against the Dark Arts

Chapter 1
~Introduction and Expectations
-Essays are all extra credit but strongly recommended
1. No food or drink in classroom
2. Be respectful
3. NO cheating is tolerated - punishment is a 1% and a detention
4. Study
-No required textbook
-No word-for-word answers straight from the lesson, in either short answers or essays

~The Dark Arts: An Introduction
-As long as there has been light, there has been dark.
-"Dark Arts" are anything that has the intent to harm, injure, or even kill another person. Includes many branches of magic, especially potions and charms.
-Those who desire and actively seek power are often drawn to the Dark Arts, and once the Dark Arts take hold of you it is impossible to let go. (Ex: Voldemort)
-From mid 1995-1998, Voldemort worked to attain human form which he had lost when he attacked the Potters in 1981.
-Death Eaters were able to pass laws which made the Dark Arts legal. Laws lasted 1997-1998, and during that time period the DADA course at Hogwarts was abolished and made into The Dark Arts.
-Dark Arts can never be defeated or completely known. We can never conquer the Dark Arts; we can only hold them back.
-Ministry created 5 categories of known Dark magic: Dark spells, Dark potions, Dark creatures, Dark Artifacts, & Dark practices.We'll focus mainly on Dark spells and Dark creatures in this course.

~The Dark Arts: The Three Spell Categories
-The Jinx is the first and lowest level of Dark spell. Won't usually cause much harm and are a minor irritation. (Ex.s: the Tripping Jinx, the Stinging Jinx, and the Knockback Jinx). Sometimes used in practical jokes.
-The Hex is the second classification of Dark Spell. A little darker than jinxes, with more lasting damage.(Ex.s: the Bat-Bogey Hex, the Hurling Hex, & Densaugeo). Major inconveniences and can be reversed through a Hex Breaker spell.
-The Curse is the third Dark spell classification. It's the most dangerous and dark. We'll cover them more in Year Two. A sub-category of curses are the Unforgivable Curses, which are extremely illegal and will not be discussed until much later.

~The Wand-Lighting and Wand-Extinguishing Charms
-The Wand-Lighting Charm will light up the tip of your wand. You will know if you did it right if the glow is a nice, light yellow glow.
-The Wand-Extinguishing Charm, as its name suggests, will extinguish your lit wand.
-Correct pronunciation for both spells is essential.

~Spell Blocks
Spell: The Wand-Lighting Charm
Incantation: Lumos(LOO-mos)
Wand Movement: A counter-clockwise loop
Concentration: Low - lighting up the tip of your wand
Willpower: Low

Spell: The Wand-Extinguishing Charm
Incantation: Nox(NOCK-ss)
Wand Movement: A flick of the wand
Concentration: None
Willpower: None


-A mandatory quiz
-Extra-credit(But highly recommended) essay
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