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Luna Blackburn thought she was a normal teenager. She attended school, played sports, and did normal teenage things. But when her true identity is revealed, Luna must embark on a dangerous journey with a boy she doesn't trust. Will she succeed in her journey, or will Luna, and the rest of the world, be destroyed by the very person who was meant to save it?

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Revealing Identities

Chapter 1
“Hey, Luna, what’s your next class?” Freshman student Luna Blackburn walked through her college campus with her best friend, Ella Parker.
“Basic Psychology,” Luna responded in her soft accent. Ella nodded.
Ella Parker was a short, bubbly girl with straight blonde hair and tan skin. Her dark blue eyes stood out, but not in a bad way. Ella always had a skip in her step and loved shopping. She usually wore short skirts and dresses, always with a cute top or cardigan to match.
Luna, on the other hand, was starkly different. Her curly, midnight black hair fell to the backs of her knees, and her bright, almost glowing upswept silver eyes contrasted with her smooth, olive skin. Her usual attire consisted of midnight blues and silvers, with loose pants and blouses. Luna was always sweet, serene, and was absolutely brilliant. She was told that she was originally from France, but her foster family moved when she was very young, so her accent was quite faint. “Well, I’ll see you at the dorm, Ella.” Luna waved her friend goodbye before heading off to her next class, as Ella headed off to hers. She walked along the pavement, admiring the small flowers lining the gray walkway. “Ouch!” Luna exclaimed as she tumbled to the ground, books and papers flying in every direction.
“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry!” A tall boy grabbed her hand, hefting her up onto her feet again. His blonde hair fell in front of his face as he bent down to help Luna gather her fallen books and papers. His golden eyes slid over her and widened just a fraction.
“Thank you,” Luna smiled, bowing her head slightly. “Though perhaps you should watch where you’re going in the future.” The boy blinked furiously, not meeting her eyes.
“Um, yeah, uh, I will.” The boy stuttered, looking everywhere but at Luna. “Um, I uh, well, I um, I better get, um, to uh, class.” The Boy with the Golden Eyes bolted off into the school building. Luna frowned with confusion.
As she strode softly up a few flights of stairs, Luna pondered. Why did that boy act so nervous after seeing what she looked like? Luna was sure she didn’t look upset. Perhaps he thought she was pretty? Luna quickly dismissed the thought. She wasn't pretty, was she? Luna shook her head. She must be modest, or the poison of egoistical thoughts will eat her alive.
Luna walked into her basic psychology class and settled in. Soon enough, she was listening to Professor Harrison babble on about something useless and boring, so she glanced at the Boy with the Golden Eyes. He was staring at something under his desk, and there was a strange light coming off of it and reflecting off of the bottom of his desk, which reflected onto the floor beneath him. A phone, maybe? She thought she heard Professor Harrison say something that sounded rather vital, but she chose to ignore it. Luna bent over to see what it was the boy is holding, but a gaunt voice pulled her up straight again. “Ms. Blackburn, do you need to be moved up closer so you can hear me? Or maybe some hearing aids would do.” The class snickered. Luna’s cheeks flushed bright red as she turned her attention to Professor Harrison.
“Apologies, sir,” Luna mumbled. Professor Harrison put his old, wrinkly hand up to his old, wrinkly ear, beckoning a rise in the volume of her voice. Luna obeyed. “Apologies sir. Though perhaps I’m not the one in need of hearing aids.” Professor Harrison scowled, his old, wrinkled face becoming even more old and wrinkly. He reminded Luna of those hairless cats; bald, useless and cranky all the time. She wondered if he owned one. Perhaps, but now was not the time for these things.
“Would you like to be relieved from the labors of this class, Ms. Blackburn?” Luna’s face paled slightly. She went too far.
“No, sir.”
“Do you need to relearn how to speak to your elders?”
“No, sir.”
“Would you like to be punished for speaking disrespectfully?”
“No, sir.”
“Then keep your fat mouth shut.” Luna gaped up at her professor. There was a collective oooh that echoed around the room. Professor Harrison’s pale, chapped lips were pressed into a thin line, his wrinkly forehead even more wrinkly as he scowled down at Luna. He shushed the class and resumed his lecture, where he repeatedly glanced her way. Luna paid good attention to it for the rest of the class.
After school, Luna was approached by the Boy with the Golden Eyes. Luna acted as if she didn't see him until he cleared his throat and stepped into her path. “Hey.” The boy flashed a smile reeking of arrogance, one Luna was sure has most girls swooning. But Luna was not like most girls. For every other girl has an identity, and she did not. At least most girls knew who their parents are, while Luna’s were non-existent. She was raised by her foster mother, Marie, and her foster father, David. They were good to her, always kind. But now she lived with her best friend in their small dorm.
Luna analyzed the boy before her. However, she didn't see any trace of the stuttering, nervous one she had seen previously. No, this Boy with the Golden Eyes was all easy smiles and swaggering arrogance. Luna waved and made to move past him, but he stepped in front of her again. “I didn’t catch your name,” he drawled as the corners of his mouth twitched upward at her attempt to escape him. “You may call me Apollo Diell.” He bowed, golden hair falling in front of his face, shielding it from Luna’s view. Luna sighed internally, looked up at the Boy with the Golden Eyes, and gave him a welcoming smile.
“You may call me Luna,” she replied cooly. Apollo raised his eyebrows. “Just Luna.” Apollo smiled again like he knew something she did not.
“Well, I have a question for you, Just Luna,” he purred, leaning in close enough he must’ve heard her heartbeat slowly quicken within her chest. “Do you know who you truly are?” And with that, he turned and swaggered off without a backward glance. Luna just stood there, stunned. Did he know something? Did he know who she was? Luna meant to call to him, but Apollo, the Boy with the Golden Eyes, had already disappeared.

“Are you sure you’re okay, Luna?” Ella peered up at Luna, brows furrowed with concern. Luna sighed, looking up from the piles of school papers scattered across her bed. Midnight, Luna’s small black kitten, leaped up onto the bed and stepped on the piles of Luna and Ella’s papers before settling in Ella’s lap, purring softly. Luna shook her head, but a small smile tugged at the corners of her mouth. Ella looked up at Luna once again, raising her brows. Luna sighed.
"No, Ella. I’m not sure I’m okay.” Ella's soft smile was a bit smug, but it quickly faded as Luna bowed her head, shoulders slumping inward. Ella almost gasped. Luna never let herself be seen like this, even in front of Ella. Something must be very, very wrong. “The Boy with—Apollo Diell, I mean. I think he knows something. Something about me, about who I am.” Luna looked up, silver eyes bright. “He seems dangerous, and I might be too. He radiates this strange energy, and it’s the twin to my own. And with finals coming up soon, there’s just so much to study, and I have to pass my classes, and I just…” she trailed off. Ella reached across the sea of papers between them to grab her hand. It was clammy and freezing cold. Ella squeezed it lightly, and Luna squeezed back.
“To hell with finals, Luna. To fucking hell.” Luna’s mouth fell open, shocked to hear any foul word come out of sweet Ella Parker’s mouth. Ella squeezed Luna’s hand again. “We are going to figure this out, and we’ll do it together. Finals aren’t the priority, so don’t bother worrying about them. First thing’s first,” Ella’s sweet smile transformed into something of an evil smirk. “We need to interrogate this Apollo boy, don’t we?” Luna’s answering smile was nothing short of wicked.
Apollo Diell was exactly where the girls thought he would be; hanging out at the Roaring Mouse Tavern. Luna and Ella entered the shabby tavern and the smell of alcohol hit them like a train. The drunken laughter bouncing off the walls was full of merriment. Luna arched a brow. “Who would come here by choice?” Ella shrugged.
“Come on, let’s get this over with.” Luna and Ella weaved through the crowd until they reached Apollo, who was sitting at a table with his friends, a young girl under each arm. Luna frowned, but she quickly schooled her features into a cool calm. She and Ella approached Apollo and Luna tapped him on the shoulder.
“Apollo, we need to speak with you.” Luna gave a pointed glance to the rest of the table. “Alone.” The girls glared daggers at Luna, so she smiled sweetly. Apollo gave the pair a puzzled look, shrugged at his friends, and rose from the table. Luna and Ella exchanged a surprised glance. That was easy. He followed the pair out of the tavern and leaned against the wall right by the door, eyebrows raised. “Who am I, Apollo?” Luna crossed her arms and leaned on her right leg, the impeccable portrait of boredom. Apollo answered her question without missing a beat.
“You are Just Luna, a freshman at CMU, obsessed with charming also freshman Apollo Diell.” He flashed another arrogant grin, and Luna fought the urge to smack it right off of his face.
“No, I’m afraid you’re lying to me. Tell me the truth, please.” Apollo’s tan face drained of color and his golden eyes widened slightly.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Perhaps I can frighten him a bit, just enough to tell me what he knows. Luna hated being the bully, but she needed answers. Luna stalked toward him, a cat cornering a mouse.
“Tell me who I am, Apollo. You know something about me. Spit it out.” Luna cocked her head to the side, eyes focused wholly on Apollo. His pale face became even paler. For the movement was not human or even plain animal. It was entirely predator. Apollo shook his head.
“Even if I do tell you, you won’t believe me.”
Luna smiled, sickly sweet. “If you knew even half of the things I know, half the things I can do, those words wouldn’t have come out of your mouth.” Apollo sighed, but he still didn’t speak. Luna lowered her eyes.
“Tell me what you know about me, and I’ll do whatever you wish.” Luna’s voice cracked on that last word, her silver eyes bright with tears that threatened to spill over. Her disguise was shedded, revealing the broken girl beneath.
Apollo just stared at her with wide golden eyes. They both knew that the words she just uttered were dangerous ones. Finally, Apollo spoke. “You are Luna Blackburn, daughter of the Moon, wielder of water, darkness, and air.” Apollo gasped a breath like that sentence seeped out all of his strength. Luna just stared at him, rooted to the spot. She was what? Apollo looked up at her again. “I told you it was crazy.” Luna just stared and stared, unable to comprehend this. But soon, the pieces began to fit together. That explained her preferred color palette; blues and silvers, and it explained her control over water, and why she could levitate. But darkness? She had never wielded darkness before. But perhaps that was because she had never tried. Luna opened her hand, not wishing for darkness, but the soothing power of water to form in her palm. She weaved it between her fingers, soft and smooth. It vanished with half a thought, and Luna looked back up at Apollo.
His golden eyes seemed to glow against the night, and it took a moment to realize how handsome he was. She had never noticed it before, but now… now his beauty was breathtaking. Luna shook her head slightly.
What he had said about her, though, about what she was… it was just plain gibberish. It had to be. Daughter of the Moon? Impossible! Apollo saw that in her face and sighed, making to head back to his dorm, but Luna’s next words stopped him in his tracks.
“And who are you?” Apollo just stopped, shocked that she dared ask him that. It was a dangerous question, after all, but he was willing to answer it. For the forbidden beauty who stood behind him, bathed in the soft moonlight. Apollo turned around and faced the breathtaking daughter of the Moon.
“I am Apollo Diell, son of the Sun, wielder of fire and light.” For emphasis, Apollo raised his hand, letting red-gold flames dance between his fingers. Apollo continued. “A complete and utter fool.” And with that, he vanished into the street, heading home. Ella approached Luna, placing her hand softly on her shoulder. Luna didn’t respond to the touch. She just stared and stared at the beautiful Sun boy and all he had just unveiled.
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