TNFG-101 Notebook

written by Piper Clark

A complete book of detailed TNFG-101 notes by Piper Clark. Includes a Spell Index at the end.

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Lesson 1: Introduction to Transfiguration

Chapter 1

-Most weeks there is a mandatory 10-question quiz. Some weeks there will be an extra-credit essay.
-All essays in the first year are extra-credit but strongly recommended.
-No identifying marks in essays(except the first one)
-No copying/pasting answers straight from the lesson.

~What Is Transfiguration?

-Transfiguration is the alteration of objects in the physical world. It changes the molecular structure of an object, not just appearance. It can be dangerous.
-If Transfiguration spells go wrong they can lead to catastrophic situations.
-Transfiguration is a scientific branch of magic, so there is a strict systematic approach to incantations and wand movements.
-There are four branches of transfiguration: transformation, vanishment, conjuration, and untransfiguration.

~The Transformation Formula


-This is a theoretical formula and can't be solved mathematically.
t=Intended transfiguration difficulty
w=wand power
a=mass of beginning object
z=unknown variable

-Z is one of the mysteries of transfiguration
-Don't stress about not understanding the formula fully, because it's not a main focus in this course.

~Dangers of Transfiguration

-NEVER attempt to cast transfiguration spells you have not learned yet
-When spells backfire or aren't completed correctly, disasters can happen. Imagine if you were trying to vanish something but only vanished it halfway, or were trying to give yourself gills, but it only worked halfway! It is very dangerous if spells do not go as planned.

~Assignments: Lesson 1 Quiz, and an Introduction Essay(extra-credit).
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