TNFG-101 Notebook

written by Piper Clark

A complete book of detailed TNFG-101 notes by Piper Clark. Includes a Spell Index at the end.

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Index of Spells

Chapter 10
Here's a basic index of the transformations learned in lessons 5-9

Matchstick to Needle
Incantation: Conmutocus(kon-moo-TOH-kus)
Wand Movement: Sharp jab straight at match
Concentration: Low - visualize morphing into needle, keeping in mind specific details of needle
Willpower: Low

Smoke to Dagger
Incantation: Fumus Lamina(FUH-moos LAWH-meen-ah)
Wand Movement: Circle around smoke you're transforming
Concentration: Medium-low, visualize smoke condensing and shaping to form dagger
Willpower: Low

Fork to Quill
Incantation: Scribblifors (SKRIB-leh-fors)
Wand Movement: Tap fork twice
Concentration: Medium-low, visualize fork turning into quill
Willpower: Low

Whistle to Watch
Incantation: Mutans Sonum (MOO-tahns SO-noom)
Wand Movement: Tap whistle twice
Concentration: Medium - visualize the whistle forming into the watch and try to hear the ticking of the hands. Remember the gears inside.
Willpower: Low

Glass to Sand
Incantation: Contrita Specularma (CON-tree-ta spek-u-LARH-mah)
Wand Movement: Point wand at glass
Concentration: Low - Visualize glass breaking apart and disintegrating, especially focusing on the small pieces of sand
Willpower: Low
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