TNFG-101 Notebook

written by Piper Clark

A complete book of detailed TNFG-101 notes by Piper Clark. Includes a Spell Index at the end.

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Lesson 5: Matchstick to Needle

Chapter 5

-Small object used to start a fire
-constructed of wood or pressed paper
-2 types of matches: ones that have to be struck upon a specific surface to ignite (aka safety matches) and ones that ignite upon any surface as long as enough friction is applied.
-The ones we're using are safety matches
-2 types of observations: quantitative and qualitative
-Quantitative observations based on amount. Involve numbers of some sort
-length of match would be a quantitative observation
-Qualitative observations based on what you can obtain through your senses alone. things you can describe without measurements, like the match tip is red or it has a skinny shape.
-5 senses used to gain qualitative information: smell, sound, taste, touch, and sight
-make observations about everything before we try to transform it. You cannot begin to try to change something without understanding it first, so take the time to truly look and get to know it.
matchstick is about 1.25 inches long and 0.1 inches wide. Light colored appearance with a very slight brownish tint. Tip is bright red and the body is rectangular in shape, with the tip more of a rounded bulb. One end is slightly ragged from where it was torn from the book.
Soft sound when dropped on desk, most likely due to the light weight of the match.
Don't put in mouth! The chemicals in the tip of a match can be toxic, so we won't taste it. If you were to taste the match, it would taste a bit like vinegar and salt.
Both the wood and tip have an earthy smell. The wood may smell slightly sweet to some, whereas the tip is a little more smoky.
Slightly rough to the touch. This is because the pressed paper is not a completely smooth surface and the chemicals in the tip don't form a smooth compound. This is intentional, as the rougher the surface, the more friction it creates and the easier it is to combust.


-Made from a variety of materials including bone, metals, and plastic.
-Used to pull some type of fabric through another
-We're using a metal sewing needle
-This specific needle is used for hand sewing
-The head has the eye of the needle(which is used to thread your string into it)
-Body is the long slender part
-The point is the sharp part that goes through the fabric
-Don't poke anyone
-Sight: very thin and rounded, with a point at 1 end and eye at the other. It's silver and the same length as match.
-Sound: Makes clearer sound than match when dropped on table, with a louder and sharper quality
-Taste: Can taste it, tastes very metallic
-Smell: Also smells quite metallic
-Touch: Point is very sharp, entire needle is cold and hard. Feels like metal.

~The Transformation

-Visualize match changing, becoming silver, a point forming at the end, the eye of a needle appearing at the head(tip of the match)
-The tip and eye have more mass to them so they're easier to transform on the same side
-Spell Block:
Spell: Matchstick to Needle
Incantation: Conmutocus(kon-moo-TOH-kus)
Wand Movement: Sharp jab straight at match
Concentration: Low - visualize morphing into needle, keeping in mind specific details of needle
Willpower: Low

-Some things could go wrong, such as:
1. Nothing happens - requires practice
2. The eye of the needle is solid, or the whole needle fails to turn metal and remains wood

~Where Did It Come From? Why Do I Care?

-Originally performed with candle wick
-It's unknown who invented this spell, though it's thought it was Delfina Crimp(Who also created the Severing Charm)
-Created in 15th century
-Delfina was at a wedding when the bride's dress ripped and there were limited supplies to fix it
-Today this transformation is used by many tailors and is a useful household spell
-Easiest known transfiguration spell


-Extra-Credit Midterm Essay
-Midterm Test!
-Study before midterms

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