TNFG-101 Notebook

written by Piper Clark

A complete book of detailed TNFG-101 notes by Piper Clark. Includes a Spell Index at the end.

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Lesson 6: Smoke to Dagger

Chapter 6

-Product of something being burned
-Caused by mixture of solid, liquid, and gas
-#1 cause of death in house fires
-Solid pieces generally ash, liquid is water particles, gas is carbon dioxide
-Color, consistency, and smell depend on what's being burned
-We're using conjured smoke
-Sight: Grey color, thick, cloud-like
-Sound: None
-Taste: None, please don't try
-Smell: Earthy, like fresh fir, light in scent. Don't inhale too much
-Touch: None, besides a possible slight warmth


-Weapon - small blade with pointed tip. Used for defensive/offensive
-Aka athame, which is used for ceremonial/religious purposes
-Typically double-edged
-Can have many shapes/designs on handle and blade
-Takes experienced caster to manage to create anything ornate
-Sight: Blade is silver, handle is brown with a silver ring at the base
-Sound: When dropped, handle makes a thud. Blade makes sharper sound
-Taste: Don't taste! Based on previous experience, you can assume the blade tastes like metal. Similarly, we can assume the wood handle has a bland, natural wood taste to it.
-Smell: Blade smells metallic, handle smells of fir
-Touch: Both blade and handle are smooth along sides(don't touch blade). Blade's tip/edges are sharp

~The Transformation

-Visualize smoke morphing into dagger
-Spell block:

Spell: Smoke to Dagger
Incantation: Fumus Lamina(FUH-moos LAWH-meen-ah)
Wand Movement: Circle around smoke you're transforming
Concentration: Medium-low, visualize smoke condensing and shaping to form dagger
Willpower: Low

-Possible complications: Nothing, all blade, all handle, blade is dull
-Even if dagger is broken, it remains the same until untransfiguration takes place.

~Word from Apollo Magnusson, Former Magical Law Professor

-S to D spell may come in handy...
-In potions class, if you lost/forgot your knife
-Converting smoke generated by plant and turning it into harvesting knife in Herbology
-In crimefighting, when it's inconvenient to carry around a dagger(fog can be used)
-In crimefighting, in close-encounter combat, cutting through vines/plants in forests, & physical bindings(like ropes)
-Can be used in fog because it's a variation of smoke

~Origins/Why It Matters

-Invented in 1701 by English wizard/transfigurist Henry Snuff
-He was experimenting with incantations in front of his fireplace
-Useful in teaching visualization
-Helps improve concentration


-Mandatory Quiz
-Extra-credit(but recommended) essay
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