TNFG-101 Notebook

written by Piper Clark

A complete book of detailed TNFG-101 notes by Piper Clark. Includes a Spell Index at the end.

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Lesson 8: Whistle to Watch

Chapter 8

-probably simplest of all musical instruments
-used to make one tone via a stream of air coming from the mouth
-We're using pea whistles, which are made of metal, have a short neck, a rounded body, and a small ball inside the body
-Pea is used to make sound louder
-Other types of whistles include dog whistles, party whistles, and slide whistles
-This spell will work on any type of whistle but this kind is easiest
-Sight: silver, shiny, round, cylindrical body with rectangular neck
-Sound: When blown, it has a loud, high-pitched tone, when dropped, it clatters, when shaken, it rattles
-Taste: Metallic
-Smell: None
-Touch: Cold, smooth, rounded edges
-Whistles were once carved out of gourds


-Came about in 15th century
-Convenient way for all to tell time
-Many types, such as wristwatches, pocket watches, and digital watches
-We will aim for pocket watches
-Small, round, made of metal
-Lid and clasp to keep them closed
-Watch face has hour hand and longer minute hand with 12 marks around the edge
-Keep in mind parts you can't see, like cogs and gears
-Sight: round, dull silver color, face of clock on white background, glass covers face, slightly reflective
-Sound: Clunks when dropped, clicks when lid opens, can always hear "tick-tock" of gears and hands moving
-Taste: Metallic
-Smell: Like worn metal
-Touch: Cold, smooth, slightly bumpy at hinge and clasp

~The Transformation

-Requires a bit more concentration since they are a bit more complex
-Remember the pea needs to morph into gears
-Both produce distinct noises, remember different sounds or watch will whistle
-Spell block:

Spell: Whistle to Watch
Incantation: Mutans Sonum (MOO-tahns SO-noom)
Wand Movement: Tap whistle twice
Concentration: Medium - visualize the whistle forming into the watch and try to hear the ticking of the hands. Remember the gears inside.
Willpower: Low

-With more concentration, you could add intricate designs
-Possible backfires: watch constantly emitting a high pitched screech, watch doesn't open, watch doesn't work or is set to incorrect time
-Try to make watch read the right time


-Relatively recent
-Created in 1907 by Johannes Miffington, a Welsh piccoloist in the London Symphony Orchestra
-Johannes decided to wait for the time he'd have to play by keeping the time in one section with little piccolo action
-Transfigured his piccolo into a watch
-Not many practical reasons to use this spell


-Mandatory quiz
-Extra-credit essay
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