The Chosen (In Progress)

In a world of magic, six girls are born with extraordinary abilities. These girls are called the Chosen, and on a certain day, they will fight to the death for the crown of Evercross, whether they want to or not. But what happens when the rules of the game are changed? What happens when chaos awakens from its slumber, and decides it wants to play?

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The Elemental

Chapter 1
“Xena, come on.” Briar put her hands on Xena’s shoulders and shook them playfully. “Xena! You need to get ready. Get up sleepy-head!” Xena shook her head in opposition. Briar smiled.
“Do I have to?” Xena asked. “I don’t need to get ready. I already am.” Xena stretched her arms across the bed to show Briar her long white nightgown. “See?”
“Yes, you look lovely,” Briar remarks sarcastically. “Not tired at all.” She and Xena laughed. 
Briar Woods was a beautiful girl, with short, chocolate brown hair that fell down to her face in slight waves. Her striking green eyes were captivating. A slender frame, covered by a short, sleeveless, lime green dress that fell down a little ways past her knees showed off her long tan limbs. A full-face with rosy cheeks gave her a playful appearance.
Xena Lavera, on the other hand, had extremely thick, jet black hair, with tight corkscrew curls that fell in cascades down to her bosom. Her eyes were a beautiful golden brown, with flecks of forest green around her pupils. Xena had small freckles speckled on her nose, and her skin was light brown with a hint of gold, coating her lovely curves. Anyone in Everglade who saw her believed Xena was stunning, and even though she stayed humble, Xena could not deny them forever. 
Xena was also a Chosen, meaning she was one of the six citizens of Everglade, born every generation, who had a special ability. A Gift as they called it, although it was more like a death sentence. Xena was an elemental, able to command the four elements of nature, and plenty more than just those. Xena was the most powerful elemental since Queen Marie Tamarelle, who ruled over seventy generations ago. Because she was a Chosen, Xena was required to compete in the Havenrune Trials for the crown. Xena’s parents, Solstice and James Lavera were forced to give up their Chosen child to Queen Annabelle, who gave the child to the Woods family, a guardian family. That meant they were in charge of taking care of one of the Chosen girls every generation. The Lavera couple then moved to the mainland and did not return. This was the tradition of Everglade, going back over five thousand years ago.
Xena lived in a cluster of floating islands called Silvercreek, which is famous for its production of very fine clothing. The perfect home for a Chosen, who must always appear in finery when in public. 
Xena sighed as she slowly got out of bed. Briar dragged her over to her closet and rummaged through Xena’s clothes before picking out an obnoxiously short lemon yellow dress with a neckline that plunged all the way down to Florida. “How about this one?” she asked. Giselle, Xena’s favorite maid, walked inside and immediately snatched the dress from Briar’s hands. 
“No, no, this won’t do.” Giselle instead held up a reasonably short, crimson dress with rubies studded around the waist.
“Ah, much better,” Xena replied, winking at Briar. She changed out of her nightgown and returned to Briar and Giselle with her dress on and two-inch-tall high-heeled crimson shoes snug around her small feet. Her curly, jet black hair was combed out and glowing in the light.
 Briar gasped. “You look so beautiful! Everyone would stare in awe when you walk by.” Briar imitated this as she walked around the room, receiving slack-jawed stares from imaginary citizens of Silvercreek. Xena smirked.
“Well, why don’t we go into town and shop for my ball outfit, shall we?”
Briar held Xena’s hand as she dragged her through the shops and crowds of Silvercreek, careful not to bump into anyone or fall off of the bridges connecting the many large floating islands that make up Silvercreek, and all of Everglade. It was a long way down. 
“Xena, what about this dress?” Xena turned to see Briar standing in the doorway of a nearby dress shop, holding up a lengthy, baby blue dress with an obnoxiously long cape. The satin dress was very beautiful and glistened in the sunlight. The waist was studded with agate and aquamarine gems. 
“I like it, Briar, it’s very…blue.” Briar chuckled. Xena took the dress from Briar’s hands and inspected it thoroughly before giving it a thumbs-up. 
“Well, what else would it be? Hot pink?” Xena laughed. The pair both despised the bright, electric color. Xena gave Briar her bag, and Briar walked into the dress shop to pay the cashier for the dress. She hopped down the front steps and handed the dress to Xena. “Here’s your ball dress,” she smiled brightly. “I also got you some shoes and gloves!” Xena laughed as she took them from Briar and put them into her snow-white shopping bag.
“Now we could go back to Westwood Manor?” Xena asked as they maneuvered through the shopping crowds to get to the western part of Silvercreek.
“Yup. Then you could try everything on!” Briar jumped up and down with excitement. Xena had never understood why she got so hyped about clothes, but Briar was always bouncing up and down whenever they went out shopping. When the two girls arrived at Westwood Manor, Xena put her outfit on and came out of the bathroom to show Briar how she looked. 
Briar gasped and clapped her hands in delight. “You are ready for the ball now.” But as Xena tried for a smile, she saw Briar’s fear in her pretty green eyes and knew that the same fear was reflected in her golden ones. For after tonight’s ball, Xena would be sent to a place known as Havenrune. It was where the six Chosen girls of the generation were sent to compete in many trials for the crown of Everglade. Xena shivered. Losing any trial on the island of Havenrune meant death.
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