HERB-101 Notebook

written by Piper Clark

A complete and detailed book of HERB-101 notes by Piper Clark.

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Lesson 1: Introduction to Herbology

Chapter 1

-Herbology is not for the faint of heart!
-Many plants can be dangerous, complex, and difficult to deal with.
-There are many parallels between plant behavior and animal behavior.
-Some plants may even display human quirks!
-Treat all plants with care and respect.

~Course Information

-No due dates for assignments.
-All students are allowed to have their own plot in the public greenhouses. You may grow whatever you want from your year's shelf. Don't go above your year without permission.

~Grading Information

-All assignments(that are not auto-graded) are graded by the professor or the PAs.
-Each essay has a grading rubric. Don't include identifying marks unless specifically instructed otherwise.
-There is a ZERO tolerance for plagiarism. Any plagiarized work results in an automatic 1%.
-The letter grading system goes as follows:
Passing Grades:
O - 90-100%
E - 80-89%
A - 70-79%
Failing Grades:
P - 60-69%
D - 50-59%
T - 0-49%

~What Is Herbology?

-Herbology is the study and use of mundane and magical plants. We'll study both.
-Just because a plant isn't magical doesn't mean it's useless!(poisonous oleander)
-All plants(mundane and magical) have a unique set of properties
-'Mundane' is often a negative term and you should refer to non-magical plants as 'non-magical' in this class
-Have a healthy respect for plants
-A herbologist is any witch or wizard who understands the properties and nature of plants, particularly one who uses their knowledge not only to grow said plants, but to enrich the world around them in a multitude of ways.
-It can be useful to know wand properties when dueling
-Potioneers and healers need to be able to recognize the differences between plants and be aware of any toxicity hazards
-Herbology is not a soft option!

-Optional introductory essay
-Mandatory quiz
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