CHRM-101 Notebook

written by Piper Clark

Piper Clark's detailed CHRM-101 notes - These are COMPLETE. Includes notes for lessons 1-9 as well as an index of spells at the end.

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Lesson 1: Introduction to Charms

Chapter 1
~Charms Journal/Textbooks

-Journal is optional but STRONGLY recommended and is a record of observations and notes of your lessons.
-Each entry must be at least 2-5 paragraphs long with each paragraph amounting to at least 5 sentences.
-Lessons 1 and 9 are optional
-Journal entries 2 and 3 are due immediately following lesson 3
-No required reading/textbooks outside of class


-Charms is an intro to spellcasting in general
-This year we'll cover basics of spellcasting, the importance of pronunciation/wand movements, and some basic spells
-We'll touch on basics of wandlore and basic components needed to cast a spell

~Brief History and Essential Laws

-In ancient times, magic was practiced much more freely/openly than it is today, and it was used to protect tombs in ancient Greece and Egypt
-first instance of dedicated wand-making is Ollivander's, working since 382 B.C.
-Beginning about 1000 AD, the Wizarding World began to seperate from Muggles and for 400 years was ruled by the Council of Warlocks.
-In the 1400s, various magical gov.s were established based on ethnic and cultural values and location.
-Witches and wizards were persecuted through the 1600s(like the witch-burnings) though they were saved by the Flame-Freezing Charm. The Flame-Freezing charm would cause witches to feel nothing but a tickle, and the witches would pretend to die in agony and burn.
-The International Statute of Secrecy was established in 1689 and completed the separation of both worlds. It was created to protect the worlds from each other.
-while the law was signed in 1689, it took 3 more years before it was officially established by all gov.s internationally.
-Magic has become a legend to Muggles and Muggle stories are all full/based off of real magical encounters.
-Anyone under age 17 falls under the Decree for The Reasonable Restriction of Underage Sorcery, est. 1875. No student can practice magic outside of school(though there are a FEW exceptions). The Ministry can instantly detect underage magic and where it came from(but sometimes not necessarily who cast it).

~The Discovery of Wands

-Primitive attempts at wands like crystal, a hippogriff feather wrapped around a stick, and metal rods allowed some to have a little control over their own magic.
-The wand was created to help focus your magic on its target and channel its power.
-A wand is a wooden shaft containing a core from a powerful magical creature.
-Very advanced

~The Wand-Lighting and Wand-Extinguishing Charms

-The Wand-Lighting Charm is one of the easiest spells known to wizardingkind and allows you to light up the tip of your wand.
-1st known use of the charm was in the 18th century, invented by Levina Monkstanley in 1772.

Spell: The Wand-Lighting Charm
Incantation: Lumos (pronounced ‘LOO-mos’)
Wand Movement: Single counter-clockwise loop
Willpower: Low; determines the color of the light
Concentration: Low; lighting up the top of your wand

-Keep wand movement in mind, don't put in too much willpower or light will turn scarlet. Too little and it's pearly white.
-Aim for a nice light yellow
-Don't let go of wand while performing spell
-The Wand-Extinguishing Charm has one purpose: To counter the Wand-Lighting Charm. This is a personal spell and will only work on the wand you're holding.
-Quickly cast, effective immediately

Spell: The Wand-Extinguishing Charm
Incantation: Nox (pronounced ‘NOCK-ss’)
Wand Movement: Flick of the wand
Willpower: None
Concentration: None


-Extra-credit introductory essay
-Optional/extra-credit journal entry
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