A Hogwarts Diary (A "Swish and Flick: A Hogwarts Story" Addition)

"Swish and Flick: A Hogwarts Story" is full of wonderful, charming characters with incredible stories. Here, they write their life's events down the way they see things. Get an inside look at Zelie's, Calira's, Jace's, and Alec's lives, as well as plenty more. Dive into the beloved "Swish and Flick" characters' incredible world, in all its thrills, exploits, and adventures. For fans of "Swish and Flick: A Hogwarts Story", this is a must-read, with engaging, colorful writing and exclusive material.

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Zelie Shacklevolt

Chapter 1
Dear Diary,

Today marks one week here at Hogwarts. I'm loving to so far! The professors are all really great and the library is the best. But that's not the main point. Jace made a confession to me today after dinner. He said that he loved me. I probably should have let him down more gently, but I was too shocked! I just ran off, like a coward. I've been avoiding him ever since. It just doesn't feel right. We've only known each other for a week, and suddenly he loves me? No, no, and no. Also, I'm only sixteen! I don't want any relationships yet unless I find someone I really connect with. I know that makes me sound like Cali (which is never a good thing) but it's true. Anyway, he's had this dull look in his eyes ever since I ran off, and I feel so guilty about it, but I can't seem to work up the courage to say anything! It's really awful too because he has such lovely eyes... no, that's--you didn't hear that. I just don't know what to tell him. Should I apologize? Should I ignore him? I don't know, I don't know, I don't know...
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