A Hogwarts Diary (A "Swish and Flick: A Hogwarts Story" Addition)

"Swish and Flick: A Hogwarts Story" is full of wonderful, charming characters with incredible stories. Here, they write their life's events down the way they see things. Get an inside look at Zelie's, Calira's, Jace's, and Alec's lives, as well as plenty more. Dive into the beloved "Swish and Flick" characters' incredible world, in all its thrills, exploits, and adventures. For fans of "Swish and Flick: A Hogwarts Story", this is a must-read, with engaging, colorful writing and exclusive material.

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Jace Thornwood

Chapter 2
Coming soon! I am working very hard on "Swish and Flick: A Hogwarts Story" at the moment, so this book's chapters may not be published as fast as some of you would prefer. If you haven't read "Swish and Flick: A Hogwarts Story", go check it out! Otherwise, nothing in this book will make sense, and you will see a lot of spoilers. (The chapters will be titled based on who's perspective the text is written in. For example, this chapter will be written in Jace's perspective.) I hope to publish this chapter within the next few days, so hang tight! I'll announce the publishing on my wall, so you can always check that out for any updates. Thank you so much!

~ Zelie S., author of "Swish and Flick: A Hogwarts Story" and many others
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