The invisible Man

Melody Anderson's life is about to change forever....... Plz give feedback! tell me if you want more!

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Chapter 1
Melody Anderson's life was perfectly normal. That is, until 9th grade.
It was the first day of school, and Melody and her friends Kylee and Sydney were waiting at the bus stop. "I hope the new teacher is nice" Kylee worries." My last one was horrible." Kylee used to live in California, which I believe, is the best place on earth, but she had the worst life there. Her parents always favored her brother, and she had a private teacher who HATED kids. While on a ski vacation, there was an avalanche, and both her parents died in it. She and her brother then moved to Misisipi, to live with her uncle. We became friends, and I guess you could say, lived happily ever after. "Relax," I say, trying to calm her down. "Our teacher is Mr. Montez." "So?" she asks. "So, he is like, THE nicest teacher in the school!"I reply. "oh" she says. "Well, thanks Melody, you're great at making people feel better." "well, people do say that" I say, and we laugh the rest of the way to school.
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