Clover Turner: My Story

written by Clover Turner

A shy, muggle-born witch with a knack for attracting trouble finds herself making her way through Hogwarts, trying to navigate the strange, new magical world and investigating a series of mysterious events. But she's spent so long following her older brother's footsteps, maybe it's time for her to find her own path. [IN PROGRESS] I'm currently rewriting this whole book, so any chapter with a ✰ next to it is going to get replaced eventually. Please leave a post on my wall if you enjoyed it, or even just read it! Check back every week or so for new chapters.

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✰ A Reaction on Number 16, Elm Lane

Chapter 2
Hans Turner and Jackie Turner sighed when Clover anxiously showed them the letter, her eyes round and hopeful. They had also sighed when they saw the official red Hogwarts seal on the cream-colored envelope when they pulled it out of the mail, and again when they handed it to Clover to open with trembling fingers. But Clover much preferred the melancholy sighing to the confusion that Jacob had described when he got his letter, two years earlier. Now, at least, they knew how to get her to Hogwarts. But that was assuming that she was allowed to leave home and plunge into the magical world.
"Well?" Clover asked tentatively, after a moment of silence. Her parents had been holding the piece of paper between them, reading the short text over several times. "Can I go?"
Jackie looked up. Her soft grey eyes, which were nothing like Clover's unusual sharp orange ones, looked tired. "Of course you can, sweetheart." She passed the letter to Hans and walked over, planting a kiss on her daughter's head. She smelled like old coffee and dried lavender. "It's not like we can keep you here, now that we know for sure you have powers and have to learn to protect yourself."
Clover squirmed a bit in her mother's embrace. To the adults of the Turner family, the magical side of the world was nothing but dangerous creatures, evil hexes, and numerous other ways to get yourself killed. Jacob had tried explaining about the protective spells and the safe villages, but his lawyer father and worrisome mother wouldn't be swayed.
"Jacob should be home for the summer soon, and he can take you shopping for... um, whatever you need," Hans said, pulling out his reading glasses and peering at the supplies list. "Where would you even get all this stuff?"
Clover thought back to the day an uptight teacher came to their house on the morning of July 31. Having no idea how to respond to the letter, Hogwarts had never gotten a reply. So the teacher showed up and took her brother to London to "do some shopping". Afterward, Jacob had described an amazing secret market called Diagon Ally. Clover couldn't wait to explore it.
With thoughts of a different future ahead of them, the Turner family said goodnight with varying degrees of enthusiasm.
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