Clover Turner: My Story

written by Clover Turner

A shy, muggle-born witch with a knack for attracting trouble finds herself making her way through Hogwarts, trying to navigate the strange, new magical world and investigating a series of mysterious events. But she's spent so long following her older brother's footsteps, maybe it's time for her to find her own path. [IN PROGRESS] I'm currently rewriting this whole book, so any chapter with a ✰ next to it is going to get replaced eventually. Please leave a post on my wall if you enjoyed it, or even just read it! Check back every week or so for new chapters.

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✰ Owls

Chapter 3
Clover opened her eyes. Pale golden light from the sunrise was spilling from a gap in his curtains. She wan not by any means a morning person, so she wondered groggily what had woken her up.
Just as her eyes were starting to drift back shut, there was a sharp tap at her window. Clover froze, waiting.
Tap. Tap-tap.
Clover cautiously tossed her sheets aside and got up, ignoring her snarled hair framing her face and the fact that she didn't have her glasses on. She crept towards the window, trying not to make the floorboards squeak under the rug.
Clover reached the window and threw open the curtains, then stumbled back in surprise at what she saw.
There's an owl, she though. An owl, outside my room in broad daylight. An owl.
Sure enough, there was a tawny barn owl with a cream-colored face perched on her windowsill. It had its head cocked to the side, and its eyes blazed with impatience as if to say, well, let me in already!
With trembling hands, Clover walked back towards the window and undid the lock, pulling it open. As soon as she did, the owl launched into her room, gliding in lazy circles around her ceiling fan. As it opened its wings, Clover could see that it had an unusual blueish-black pattern along its back.
"Wow," Clover breathed. "Beautiful."
It was then the owl dropped a letter from its talons, much smaller than the previous one, and without the red seal. Clover picked it up from the floor.

I'm coming home in about a week. Tell mom and dad. Can't wait to see you again.
With love, Jacob.

P.S. Artemis likes bread.

Clover smiled at her brother's short note in his messy handwriting. He was so full of energy that he never sat still long enough to write more than a handful of sentences, a paragraph at best.
"So you're Artemis, huh?" She asked the owl. In response, it landed on her bookshelf and cocked its head again. Clover remembered vaguely from her classes at school that Artemis was the ancient Greek goddess of the moon.
"I got my letter, so you should probably go back to sleep now."
Artemis nipped the corner off one of her books.
Artemis likes bread, Jacob had written in his letter.
"Oh, so you work for tips?" Clover asked the owl with a smirk. She held out her arm. "Well then, shall we?"
Artemis flapped across the room. Her talons dug into Clover's shoulder when she landed, but she loosened her grip when she winced.
"Well then, let's go introduce you to the rest of my family."
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