Clover Turner: My Story

written by Clover Turner

A shy, muggle-born witch with a knack for attracting trouble finds herself making her way through Hogwarts, trying to navigate the strange, new magical world and investigating a series of mysterious events. But she's spent so long following her older brother's footsteps, maybe it's time for her to find her own path. [IN PROGRESS] I'm currently rewriting this whole book, so any chapter with a ✰ next to it is going to get replaced eventually. Please leave a post on my wall if you enjoyed it, or even just read it! Check back every week or so for new chapters.

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✰ Jacob's Visit

Chapter 4
Artemis came every day after that, staying even after Cover gave her a piece of bread. It became common in the Turner household to have the floor littered with wispy feathers of owl down. Surprisingly, Hans and Martha didn't mind it too much. Clover had even caught Hans feeding her the crust off his sandwich when he thought no one was looking.
Summer came at last, and Clover was free of her dull Muggle school. It had been fine before, but now that she knew that she would be studying magic next year, everything else seemed tedious. Besides, she didn't have anyone that she would call her best friend. It wasn't like she was lonely, exactly. She had people she would sit by on the bus, people she would ask to borrow a pencil from if she forgot. But to the other kids, she always just seemed to be there, part of the background, nothing important.
Then, on the morning of July 30th, Jacob came home. The fireplace's flames had turned a dazzling green, and then he tumbled out onto the living room rug, covered in soot.
Clover was the only one home at the time. She was sitting on the couch, her knees pulled up to her chest, staring intently at the fire. She knew her brother would arrive the same way he had last year, through the floor network, since neither of her parents could take time off of work to drive him from King's Cross.
She jumped to her feet and ran to hug Jacob. Ash rained down onto her from his short, curly, light brown hair as he picked her up and spun her around. Clover laughed breathlessly.
"How are you, Cloves? Sorry I couldn't come home for your birthday. We were having our finals that week," he said with a huge grin. He set her down and fell back onto the couch. "Did anything exciting happen while I was gone?"
"I read all the books that you sent me three times, I made friends with Artemis, and... I kinda broke your cauldron."
Jacob sat forward. "How did you break my cauldron?!"
Clover blushed. "I was practicing potion technique, stirring and adding ingredients and stuff, and... olive oil catches on fire quicker then I expected."
Jacob threw his head back and laughed. "Don't worry, that was just my old pewter one. We'll get you a better cauldron when we go shopping on Diagon Ally today."
Clover's heart gave an excited leap. She had always wanted to go to Diagon Ally. Whenever Jacob ran out of Hogwarts stories to tell, he would always fall back onto the wonders of the hidden magical marketplace.
"But that's all school-related news," Jacob continued. "What about stuff outside your little hermit world? Any boys?" His eyes sparkled playfully. Clover grabbed a pillow and whacked him in the face.
Just then, Hans and Jackie came in through the door. They fawned over Jacob while Clover dashed to her room, getting ready for her trip to Diagon Ally.
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