Dear Stranger

written by [No Name]

Diary of a muggle-born ready to live the Hogwarts life.

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Floo Powder

Chapter 3

In talking with my mom I asked her why we were waiting to leave. "The trip to the station will take hours!" "Why don't we just use Floo powder?" "What?" Exactly. I can't blame her. Of course she thought we had to take the train. After this alternative was found the problem was finding a fireplace connected to the Floo network. We contacted the Floo Network Authority! This isn't even the best part. Living in town we were told that their were three close enough to walk to! I had no idea. With this, we were connected with on just down the road, and were getting ready to head out. Leaving the house with what we needed (not much) we headed across the road. This house was home to the same woman that had chased me off her yard a few years earlier for wanting to see newly born kittens. She opened the door somberly, without a hint of expression on her face. We were led through the kitchen to the living room where we stood in awkward silence before she shooed us with her hand toward the fireplace. "Oh well then, how does this work" mother had no idea as she looked at me intently. Being muggle-born and completely new to this myself (besides extensive research after my letter) I was nervous, and started looking for the powder. "You don't have your own, child?" The neighbor looked sternly, then went into another room before I could answer, returning with a pouch. She looked me straight in the eye "I hope you at least know the rules." "Yes! Throw in a handful, step in and speak clearly where I want to go." "Good enough." Good enough? What was I missing? "You first, child." She tossed in a handful, as I thought, and I stepped in. "Diagon Alley." I arrived stiff and surprised, staying where I was for fear of getting lost, until my mom stepped through behind me. We had really made it to the place I had dreamed of and wanted so much to explore.

I will continue to recount later. For now, I must study.

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