Dear Stranger

written by [No Name]

Diary of a muggle-born ready to live the Hogwarts life.

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Garrick Ollivander

Chapter 4

Granted, the place I really wanted to be was Hogsmeade, but
one step at a time, and supplies first (although my mom didn’t know it).”So
which one are we looking in first?” Oh so many choices!  “Ollivanders…” “What’s that look for.”
“Nothing mom. Let’s go.” We headed down the alley for the shop, thoughts of a
mister Garrick Ollivander in a dungeon bothered me, as flashes of a boarded up
shop flashed in my head. When we arrived I stood there looking at the tall
building glad to see there wasn’t a board in site. After the Battle of Hogwarts
I was worried he wouldn’t reopen his doors. “Wand? What do you need a wand for?
It’s online.” “C’mon mom. I need a wand, even if it’s just for practice at
home.” This very sentence spurred a question in my thoughts about the rules of
wands off school grounds as Hogwarts was also online now. Internet was causing all sorts of confusion about right and wrong, online and offline. She sighed and led
the way through the door. Stepping inside there was no one to be seen. In my
nature I stood and waited giving time for I don’t know what, before I would call
out. In mom style she went to grab a box that was purple and in doing this
three others fell from the shelf in a clatter of wands. “MOM!” At this I was
given a mini heart attack as Ollivander popped out from behind a shelf. I
didn’t say anything hoping the mess would disappear as my mom stacked them back
on the shelf. Before I knew it, he was standing in front of me looking me in
the eyes as I thought about closing them or turning around. Feeling like I was being tested I just stood there, eyes down. He set off to a
shelf that was on the way up the stairs and returned with a blue box. “Snakewood.
Try it before I tell you the core, would you?” Taken in hand, I waved it in a
ridiculous manner. So I thought. I felt like there was wand etiquette that I
had yet to learn, and that my attempt shouted amateur and clumsy like my wrist was missing the muscles that belonged there. I closed my
eyes in embarrassment until I heard Ollivander. “Yes, of course!” “What did I
miss?” “This is your wand!” In my excitement I thought I missed the next thing
he said. “Coral.” He stood smiling. “What?” “Coral. Marine animal. Strong
magical properties. Created by wand maker Gregorovitch in Germany. I have only
one, and I don’t know how, but this is the one for you, so take it. That will
be free because I wish it out of my store.” “Thank you very much, sir, have a
good day.” With a smile from Ollivander we were out the door and headed down
the street. In the excitement I wouldn't think about it or realize until later exactly why though. 

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