Dear Stranger

written by [No Name]

Diary of a muggle-born ready to live the Hogwarts life.

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Gringotts Wizarding Bank And Kgradon

Chapter 5

The next one we happened upon that we needed was
Gringotts bank. “I completely forgot! Mom, I need to get money out! All that I have
is my online banking!” “Alright, where do we do that?” “Here.” As we walked
through the ginormous doorway, under pillars that frightened me greatly the
way they leaned, we entered into a long narrow room. There were long rows of clerk
counters lining each side. I tried to find an innocuous one, that wasn’t really
attention grabbing, ('do more people head left or right in this sort of situation? Oh well, left it is.') and walked up to it. 

I was a little too excited at seeing a
Goblin. A huge smile crossed my face as he leaned across the counter to look at me. At the site of my smile he recoiled, in confusion I suspect, even though
these very creatures control the wizarding economy, and run the safest place in
the wizarding world, most wizards treat them terribly. After his initial shock
he leaned back over the counter. His breath smelt terribly of meat (which
I’m not a big fan of), he was amazingly pale with white hair and his black eyes
unsettled me, which I hadn’t expected at all. Seeing creatures up close and too personal was so different from pictures online.

“Yes?” was all he said. “I need
money for school supplies, but all that I have is in my online account.” “Ah,
yes, pin.” “****” “Wait here.” As he turned his seat and climbed down from his
pedestal like seat I saw his nameplate. Kgradon. My thoughts were now turning
to the Gringotts goblin who was killed by a security troll sent by the Ministry, and
another burnt to death by the security dragon called the Ukrainian Ironbelly that lived below., but the dragon was aged when Harry Potter was in school so I wasn't sure if he was still down there. This in turn, sent my mind into a fantasy whirlwind and daydreaming of what it
would be like to see it crawling through this very room trying to escape. Claws coming down hard enough into the tiles that they created holes, wings crashing through whatever they hit instead of bending.

Kgradon then returned with a sad looking brown sack of very small size. “How much?” “Well
I’m not sure. After buying a few books I have $942.66 in muggle money.” A quick
impressed look came and went quickly, very quickly, as he pulled out a piece of paper and
started to write upon it. I took my chance. “Mom, do you need a drink or a
restroom?” “Well, now I do. I’ll be right back. Will you be alright?” “Of course.” As
my mom wandered farther into the room and around a corner I stood as tall as I could
leaning on Kgradons' counter. He looked sideways at me without bothering to
lift his head. “I just need enough for a set of robes, a hat, gloves and a name
tag.” That poor goblin gave me the most quizzical look I have ever seen. “I don’t
have a lot of time to explain, but I just need enough for my first day, and to
convince my mom to let me stay, then I’ll come back for the rest of my
supplies.” His eyes widened with what I thought to be horror (maybe disgust) as he put his head
back down and continued to write, then to cross some out. 

He stopped, opened
the drawstring back, reaching in his long branch like fingers and pulled out Galleons, 21, Sickles, 2, and Knuts, 3. “$212.72” He pulled out another piece of paper as my mother returned. I walked towards her. “Got it mom!” “Alright. Ready?” “Yes!”
The goblin cleared his throat and pointed a finger at me. I slowly returned to his
counter and leaned over again. Handing me his second piece of paper, folded, he
looked back down and continued to work. “You’re finished.” “Thank you!” As we
exited the building I opened the piece of paper.

Good Luck

“What does it say?” “Nothing mom, just my balance.” “Oh,
fun!, we should scrapbook that!" "MOM!"

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