Dear Stranger

written by [No Name]

Diary of a muggle-born ready to live the Hogwarts life.

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Madam Malkin'S Robes For All Occasions

Chapter 6

Next was Madam Malkin’s Robes for All Occasions! The only
reason I was allowed to go was because I told my mom I needed to be “more
connected” with the school, and customs, to really delve into my studies, which
worked. Granted, she only agreed to one outfit. Walking in it looked like a
regular clothing store which probably was the most surprising part. I already
knew what I wanted to buy before I entered, so I started to search. I didn’t
need the self-repairing robes, as knowing me, I wouldn’t get into a situation
that required such robes.

I needed self-ironing robes, which I found in quite a large
section full of them, presumably because they are popular. Grabbing some off of
the shelf I turned around in a whirlwind, “These! These are the…”, and ran face
first into Madam Malkin herself. “No, no, no. We need to measure first. Stand
on the stool.” The robes were out of my hands before I could speak, my mouth
now hung open, stunned. She dropped a stool before my feet so I stepped up,
thinking despairingly that it would be my luck to loose balance and fall off
trying to get up.

Madam Malkin said nothing as she worked to measure, and poked
at my muggle clothing which was tight jeans with an unusually large sweater. I
chose a robe to stare at as I hoped I wouldn’t have to take off the sweater.
All that was underneath was a small tank top, unfitting for public, that I felt
certain Madam Malkin wouldn’t approve of. I had never been fitted for anything
before. Staring at the robe, I saw gloves off to the side. She finished, and
before she walked away she gave a smile. “Do you know your house yet?”
“Ravenclaw!” She left the main room as I stepped from the stool and headed
straight for the gloves. 

Seeing as my research hadn’t revealed what sort of
charms the Charmed Leather Gloves held, I decided I definitely wanted them, no matter the consequence. Now
all I needed were nametags. As I was searching Madam Malkin came in with a box
of, as I assumed, robes.

“Everything you need is in here and, as I see you already
have your gloves, I left those out.” “Everything?” “Robes, hat, coat, and
uniform pack dear.” “But … I don’t need all that.” “Of course you do, you’re
going to Hogwarts aren’t you.” I was about to argue until she gave me a wink
and I took the chance. “Of course. How much?” I refused to look at my mom as I
could imagine the look she was giving me. “45 Galleons, 11 Sickles and 16
Knuts.” Oh no… “I only have 21 galleons right now.”

I took out the pouch and opened it, searching the inside
wishing galleons would appear. There they were. Much more than 21. I paid her
in a daze as I kept looking at the pouch in my hands every chance I had. “Have
a good day dear.” “Thank you.” Thinking back, I might have seemed rude with my
nose in my money pouch as I left her shop, leaving my mom to take the box from
Madam Malkin with a quick thank you as she followed.

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