Dear Stranger

written by [No Name]

Diary of a muggle-born ready to live the Hogwarts life.

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Wiseacre'S Wizarding Equipment And The Globe Of The Moon

Chapter 7

Next stop was Wiseacre’s Wizarding Equipment. As we
approached I was taken aback by a Globe of the Moon. As I stood, staring at the
globe outside the shop, my mom, who had been following behind, asked if we were
going to enter or stand and stare as she shifted the box with my robes. She
hadn’t said anything on the way over.

I ran through the list in my mind as I peeled myself away
from the beautiful globe. I didn’t need much, my list was definitely
shortening. As we headed inside I looked at all the various things in the overcrowded
window. What looked to me to be binoculars, mini globes, little hour glasses, phials
of all shapes and sizes and a Remembrall in the corner, were all over the
shelves placed in front of the windows showing off all sorts of wares that
Wiseacres sold.

Inside wasn’t any less impressive to me. I didn’t know where
to look as little contraptions and equipment had always had an aesthetically
pleasing effect on me since I was young. Even worse yet was the pull that any
type of map or chart had on me. Through this my full attention was pulled to the ceiling
with (albeit tacky) stars and an amazing globe that took up the top half of the
building. It made me think of the research I had done and the amazing globe
that was inside Professor Dumbledore’s office.

This stopped me in my tracks with what felt like a punch to my
heart. Would his office still be there? It was no longer his office, he wouldn’t
be there anymore, and someone else would be in his head table seat. Would generations
of wizards believe Rita Skeeters lies and look down on this once distinguished

Now was not the time to question such life problems I decided.
Lingering thoughts and sympathies about the deaths of Dumbledore, and others
who were no longer, didn’t distract me from getting the supplies I needed. Everything
was quite easily found as the first year list didn’t leave questions or

They were all displayed close together, presumably
anticipating students and their shopping needs, so the first item I grabbed was
a brass telescope. Next was brass scales, easy enough. Budget wise I probably
should have went with the glass phials but my preferences got the better of me
and I went for the crystal phials for an extra four Galleons. The telescope had
a strap and the scales were easily carried but I feared for the phials as I
wasn’t about to break them before they were used.

We went to the checkout and paid for our items while I decided
against a Remembrall. What use is remembering that I’ve forgotten who-knows-what? I
do that on my own as it is. Seeing my struggle, mom suggested we put the phials
within my robes and opened the box for me. I hid them throughout my apparel as
though I were hiding gems and closed the box up tightly.

I left with a last solemn glance at the Globe of the Moon
outside, thinking about my muggle one back at home, and telling myself that it
would be truly cumbersome in a dorm room (assuming she allowed me to go).

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