Dear Stranger

written by [No Name]

Diary of a muggle-born ready to live the Hogwarts life.

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Potage'S Cauldron Shop

Chapter 8

With pangs of guilt for my mom who I knew was now holding a
box filled, not only with robes and things, but also delicate crystal phials I just
had to have as we headed for Potage’s Cauldron Shop. It was too late to rethink my
supplies as we were almost finished so I trekked on.

We didn’t have to go far since we were already on the north
side. After leaving Wiseacre’s Wizarding Equipment, we had to turn left, and keep
walking towards the Leaky Cauldron at the very end. Nearing the entrance I saw
the infamous stacked pots that certainly looked precariously balanced. I had a strong
urge to take my finger and push on an especially hazardous one towards the
bottom. As with Wiseacre’s Wizarding Supplies, I didn’t have much of a say in
what I bought here as I desperately wanted to buy a self-stirring cauldron. I wasn’t
picky about what it was made of as long as it was self-stir. Except gold. Much
too flashy and over the top. Looking up I assumed standard size 2 was one of
the cauldrons on the top.

We walked into a shop that, at first glance, gave you the
impression of being very cluttered and disorganized but as I started to look
closely and adjust to all the cauldrons I was seeing. My eyes assumed there had
to be one cauldron literally of every size possible in every metal or alloy
there is, but my brain competed to explain that such a feat would be unattainable.

I was brought back to reality when I heard my mom asking a
brown haired, blue eyed woman, Madam Potage, if she could set down the box with
supplies in it. “Yes, you can leave it on the counter.” Finding the Pewter
Cauldrons size 2 wasn’t difficult at all as there was a sign hanging over
a rather large pile of them. I looked the pile over for one that would catch my
eye. It didn’t take long but to my disappointment Madam Potage stopped me, “That’s
not a normal Pewter size 2, this is a collapsible cauldron, you don’t want this
one.” “Collapsible would be easier to carry with all this stuff.” I held up my

Turning to my mother Madam Potage said, “My advice would be
to get a regular cauldron and use an extension charm. Besides helping you now,
this would also help her around school.” This confused my mom something awful. “A
what?” “A charm…?” Realization hit as my mom tried to remedy the situation, “Oh
no. I am a, uh, honey what was it again?” “Muggle, mom” “Yes I am a muggle.” My
mom gave a smile as I looked around worried about muggle haters. “Oh goodness, I’m
sorry to have assumed.” Madam Potage then started to dig around in the
cauldrons as she yanked one from the bottom of the pile “This one looks a good
fit, collapsible cauldrons are nice, and useful while killing Erklings that are trying
to eat you, but I suggest this one, as they aren’t from around here.” “Killing?
Eating me?” I didn’t’ like the sound of that at all! “You have nothing to worry
about they like to eat children better, nasty little elfish creatures, but like
I said you may only see them while in school.”

Before I could process what she was doing she had taken out
a wand and was casting the charm. “All finished.” Heading over to the counter
she opened the box, with a flinch from me for my glass phials, and started to put
the robes into the cauldron one at a time. I was grateful that I had decided to
pack my phials so securely. She then returned to me, taking my telescope and scales,
to pack them away also. “The undetectable Extension Charm, helping students and
mothers alike. That’ll be 15 Galleons.” “But that’s how much a regular one is,
what would you like for our charm?” “Nothing, just 6 Galleons for the cauldron”
she said it with a smile that stopped me from insisting, I always believe it's better to just accept graciously than fight. “Have fun at school!” We
could all see the relief as my mother said, “Thank you so much!”

We left the shop with only a cauldron in my

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