Dear Stranger

written by [No Name]

Diary of a muggle-born ready to live the Hogwarts life.

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Supplies And A Brick Wall

Chapter 9

"Mom." Yes, honey?" She stopped
and looked at me as we stood outside of Potage's Cauldron Shop. “I’m
done with my supplies.” “I should hope so, did you see how much poor… Is it Miss
or Mrs.?” I gave her a confused, I don’t know look that I hoped showed we had
bigger problems. “Well anyway, she put a lot into your cauldron, I’m glad you
withdrew enough from the bank.” “Yes mom, now, how do we go home?” She stopped,
hand still in the cauldron where she had been waving it around, her shoulders
slumped as she pulled out her hand and used both to hold the cauldron and look
up at me. 

Her look said slight panic, slight shock at the realization. “You
mean you don’t know?” “NO! I was more concerned on arriving then I ever cared
about leaving.” My mom, one to always freak out now and think later, started to
freak out. “We will have to find a place to stay, we will have to take out more
money, or we have to return some of your stuff for money…” As I stood trying to
ignore her, she continued on. The first thing she said had stuck in my head
repeating over and over again, there was something to it, we will have to find
a place to stay. Alright, we didn’t have
to, but this was a great opportunity! 

Turning around, I looked up over the
crowd of heads that were headed towards us as my mother continued to stare at
me and give me all the worst possible outcomes. There it was. A large brick
wall. The only thing left was finding a way inside, and despite my mother’s ranting,
I would worry about the money when we got inside, there was certainly enough
for a stay. 

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