written by Piper Clark

A complete and detailed book of TNFG-201 notes by Piper Clark

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Lesson 1: Intro to Animate Transformations

Chapter 1

-This year we're covering animate to inanimate transformations


-We're dealing with animals
-basic essence as creatures remains even while transformed
-Any damage to the transformed object could injure the creature
-animals will turn back into animals eventually
-Backfires: Nothing (preferred), incomplete transformation (dangerous and includes internal consciousness)


-When transforming A to I, you are also changing the mind and soul of an animal
-puts it into a coma or deep sleep
-Will not remember its experience
-Observe and research all components before casting
-Concentration factor quite large due to complexity of animals
-Have strong willpower or creature can feel when you bump or scratch it
-physical complexity varies
-willpower depends on mental state/intelligence, main focus


-Y2 Intro Essay (Extra Credit)
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