My Tender Thunderbird

written by Noelle

Half adventurer. Half normal student. Full secret-hider. Amber doesn't want anyone to know about her Thunderbird Felipe and her little adventures, but her best friend Penelope is smart enough to crack her plot! When even her bully Myra starts to get suspicious, Amber knows that it's time for her to take the twist - or kind and caring Felipe may take the chop. (Cover Art belongs to LawlietteRyu)

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Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 1
Yawning, Amber got up and left her dormitory for breakfast. Clear in her mind was the fast, free flight from last night: Felipe greeting her as usual with his sharp beak, stroking Felipe's soft plumage, flying over Hogwarts and watching the Quidditch teams practise late into the night...

"Sup, Amber! How are you doing? 'Didn't get a good night's sleep' as usual?" said a voice in Amber's ear. "Woah!" Amber tripped and fell over. From her new vantage point, Amber could see her one and only best friend, Penelope, grinning at her. "That trick never fails to surprise you. Come, to breakfast, unless you want to hang around and listen to the portraits yelling!"

Amber got to her feet, rubbing her head. The miracle of the moment was gone, and all memory of her little adventure bled away as she followed Penelope into the Great Hall, eager for a fresh start to the day.
Walking away from the Potions classroom, Amber rubbed her head. "I hate Professor von Graft's class! Potions, potions... who needs potions?"

Penelope shrugged, "I think they can be quite useful, you know. Feeling better from 'not getting a good night's sleep'?"

Amber nodded, "I think my head no longer throbs because of last night. It now throbs because of Potions! Also, what's up with that sarcastic tone?" She punched Penelope playfully, but Penelope seemed to be in deep thought.

"You know, there have been Thunderbird feathers seen on the school grounds," she murmured.
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