Best Books in the HiH Library (That I've Found)

written by Clover Turner

I have not by any means read every book and I will be updating this the more time I spend on this site. Books in a series are all grouped together in the same chapter, which includes name, status (completed or in progress), author, the description given by the author, number of chapters, and commentary by me. Owl me if you have suggestions!

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To Be A Werewolf (Series) by Dora Scamander

Chapter 1
To Be a Werewolf ~Compleated~

Dora Scamander

When Xanthe got her letter to Hogwarts she thought that everything would be all right. Now she knows that even witches get bullied. She can't change the past and her fate of being a werewolf... or can she?

Number of Chapters: 4 completed

Although there are many, many, many werewolf stories in the library, and I have not read every one (as I assured you in the description), this is by far the best one I've found. Not only does it have an exciting plot that is realistic considering the event in the official Harry Potter books, but it also has descriptive details, along with near-perfect grammar and spelling. I've seen people who have been inspired by it, but they just have it too close to the original- almost exactly the same.

To Be A Werewolf - Book Two ~In Progress~

Dora Scamander

Continue from Book 1 as Xanthe sets out on an adventure to find the wishing particle, which was once a part of the Philosopher's stone. Can they find it, and change Xanthe's fate of being a werewolf forever?

Number of Chapters: 1 completed, 1 in progress

I have to admit, I was a little disappointed when this one came out, just because the first book was so short. But I get that long books take so long to complete, they end up fading into the background and no one can find them to read. This book has just started, so there's not much to say yet, so I'll update this as it gets longer. My only feedback is that it's a bit confusing how there are two characters named Rose, and there needs to be more to distinguish them from each other.
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